Do you ever find yourself wishing for a magical potion, a medicine, a drink or just anything that could solve all your health issues? Or perhaps, something that could take your worries away and boost your emotional and mental well-being? If so, your prayers have been answered. Actually, the answer was here all along. You just didn’t look hard enough for it.

Glowing skin, anti-ageing, prevention of illness, you name it

In case you are still wondering, it is none other than your steaming cup of green tea that you may or may not drink every day. While the most common advantage associated with green tea is weight loss, this beverage is packed with so many other wonderful properties and benefits that the list just goes on.

Be it cancer prevention, reducing cholesterol levels in your body, radiant skin or managing diabetes, you just name it and this drink will help you achieve it all, given that you drink it regularly. Among all these brilliant benefits that a single cup of green tea is packed with, there are 5 secret ones that you need to know!

Time to replace carrots with green tea for improved eye sight?

According to the long prevailed debate, carrot is the only food that boosts your eyesight and promotes improved visual abilities in people. While that is undoubtedly true, as also proven by research, according to recent discoveries, green tea might as well be equally good in enhancing your eyesight or perhaps even better.

Research has it that catechins, an antioxidant present in green tea is able to penetrate into the eye tissue and give way to antioxidant activity in the eye. This serves as a protective measure which, in turn, promotes better eyesight in people.

Promoter of good oral hygiene

Typically, one might resort to using top-quality toothpastes, flossing their teeth, minty mouthwashes and chewing mint candies to achieve good oral hygiene. Although all of that does actually work, recent research shows that green tea’s abilities to combat bacteria and reduce inflammation leads to the prevention of gum diseases and dental cavities.

According to a study carried out to test the effect of green tea on dental health, it has been proven as a healthier and a much better alternative to chewing gum. Compared to the activity of mints, parsley-seed oil and toothpaste, green tea was the most effective in reducing oral malodor.

Who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin?

If trying out one face mask after the other hasn’t reaped any positive results on your face and skin, maybe it is time to revert to some natural and chemical-free products. Packed with numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea has been shown to help get rid of wrinkles and other signs of ageing that you may experience overtime.

Studies show that a component called polyphenols present in green tea possess anti-carcinogenic properties that inhibit the effects of carcinogens like solar ultra violet light on human skin. Repeated exposure to these carcinogens can lead to various skin disorders and skin cancers and the polyphenols in green tea are photo-protective in nature which means they can prevent the development of solar light-induced skin disorders.

Further research conducted on the effects of green tea focused on the polyphenol called EGCG present in green tea. According to the results, this component is present in the most abundant quantity and has the ability to rejuvenate old cells and reactivate dying skin cells.

Boosts your stamina and endurance levels

If you feel that your energy levels drop significantly after performing a vigorous exercise or some heavy work, perhaps a fresh cup of green tea will stave off lethargy and give you an energy boost. Green tea has the amazing ability to counter muscular pain that comes as a result of over exhaustion of muscles.

A study that aimed to test the effect of consuming green tea extract regularly found that over a span of 10 weeks, performance and endurance during exercise was increased by 24%. The findings also show that a single dose of the green tea extract wouldn’t immediately affect performance but it is the long term consumption that is likely to give the desired results.

According to the results of another study, the intake of decaffeinated green tea resulted in an increasingly efficient use of the body fat as fuel followed by a less reliance on carbohydrates. This shows that green tea can actually boost your stamina levels and result in an improved exercise output.

Stimulates hair growth and adds shine

While the consumption of green tea is associated with a gazillion benefits, it is also the application of green tea that has so many surprising advantages. For all those who suffer from increased hair loss, thinning hair, and dull, lifeless hair, perhaps you need a green tea mask to rejuvenate your hair and bring it back to life.

The presence of antioxidants and caffeine in green tea stimulates the growth of hair follicles and leads to increased hair growth overtime. It also contains panthenol which is also normally present in hair shampoos and conditioners. Green tea also has excellent astringent qualities that help seal the moisture in your hair and adds luster to it. All you need to do is make a mask using organic green tea with water and apply it to your hair and wait for magic to happen!

Green tea might just come across as a simple hot beverage that some of you may consume for particular purposes while the rest just gave in to the hype. This hype is undoubtedly worth it because the benefits that come with green tea are abundant and extremely effective at the same time. It is almost a wonder how much Mother Nature has to offer to us in a single cup of green tea which is overloaded with wonderful medicinal, health and therapeutic qualities. While the effects may seem slow initially, they do take a drastic turn in the long run.

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