You’ll hardly come across a person who wouldn’t want a healthy 8 hour sleep every day. We live in an age where time flies, we are occupied by work, social and family obligations. As a result we miss out on a sound healthy sleep.

Most studies show that having trouble sleeping or lack of sleep not only results in heart disease, obesity and diabetes in the long run but also has effects on our daily life. This is a habit that is developed over the years as we grow older. There can be various factors like stress, environment, illness, as well as emotional or physical discomfort that result in insomnia (sleeping disorder).

General tiredness, losing concentration, weaker memory or feeling sleepy during the day are some of the common symptoms of having a sleeping disorder. There are multiple ways of countering such problems. Before you end up having sleeping pills, here are some tips that can help you fix your sleeping habits:

  1. Fix Your Routine

    Make sure that you sleep at a fixed time everyday including weekends. People have a habit of staying up late on weekends and sleep during the day. That’s the main factor behind Monday blues.

  2. Regulate Your Diet

    It is very important that you have your dinner a few hours before your sleep time. Also ensure that you go for proteins in dinner and if you feel hungry before hitting the sack, then have some carbs under 200 calories.

  3. Increase Fluid Intake

    Keeping your body hydrated not only helps in keeping you fresh throughout the day but also makes you get a goodnight sleep. On the other hand one should avoid any caffeine or alcohol intake few hours before dinner. A good substitute for caffeine is having herbal tea. Alcohol can help you fall asleep but also causes disruption in the middle of the night.

  4. Keep Electronics Away

    Many people have a habit of watching TV or using their cellphone/laptop before going to bed. This can affect your sleep as the electronics and media possibly interferes with your sleep. A better substitute is reading a book or listening to soothing music is a better substitute.

  5. Create the Perfect Environment

    Who wouldn’t want to go to sleep if the room is cool, dark and quiet? At the same time one should ensure their pillows and mattresses are comfortable to their liking. Keeping computer, TV and other work materials outside the room can help too.

  6. Exercise Daily!

    Stress is the most common factor behind sleeping disorder. Exercise is the perfect remedy for reducing or eliminating stress from your daily life. It also helps you getting a deep sleep given that you’ve had your work out at least three hours before going to bed.

Including all these habits in your daily life will result in you having undisrupted peaceful sleep and wake up fresh in the morning. However if you still suffer from sleeping disorder than try our Organic Chamomile Tea to reduce stress or Premium Melatonin 3 mg Sleep Aid to say goodbye to insomnia.

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