Teas serve as a healthy substitute for coffee, cause relief when you are sleep deprived and can be soothing when you are sick. Not just that – it also helps you get that radiant and fresh skin look. It all starts from within. Treat yourself with these 6 herbal teas and feel the difference in and out.

Here’s the catch. You don’t necessarily have to drink them; you could cool the teabags and apply to the face or refrigerate the tea itself and spray it all over.

1). Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea serves as a quick fix for those people who aren’t sleeping well and are concerned about their puffy eyes, dark circles and dull skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties make it beneficial for treating puffy eyes and acne.

Do you have an event to go to, without wanting to look tired? Have dark circles creeping up? Have red, irritated skin? Or acne popping up? Chamomile tea’s relaxing properties not only help with promoting sleep but also contain quercetin, which helps our skin stay protected from sun damage.

For faster results, freeze chamomile tea in the form of ice cubes and apply them on your puffy eyes. However, make sure to avoid direct contact – wrap the cubes in a cloth before applying, for no more than 10 minutes.

2). Green Tea

Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin ailments like skin cancer and generally make skin age faster. Sun blocks aren’t enough when it comes to guarding your skin. Internal protection is a must as well.

That is when green tea comes in to the rescue. Its free-radical-fighting catechins, EGCG, minimize skin damage and prevent wrinkle formation. It is also known to reduce inflammation, renew skin cells, and protect from sun damage for better-looking and healthy skin.

Besides drinking, you could use green tea as a home remedy for your skin. Add the tea with some aloe vera, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, use after cleansing your face and watch your skin transform.

3). Rooibos

Known to treat various skin conditions, Rooibos protects you from eczema, acne and aging skin. Zinc present in this tea helps in correcting hormonal imbalances that cause acne. Superoxide dismutase keeps wrinkles and fine lines away. What else do you need?

You don’t have to wait till you’re 40 to start consuming this tea for its aging benefits. Start early to maintain effective results while you grow older. However, it’s never too late. Begin now and wait for positive results to help combat premature aging and dry skin.

4). Hibiscus Tea

Rich in vitamins, Hibiscus Tea gives your skin the kind of glow no highlighter can. It contains vitamins C, A, B1, B2, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and natural alpha hydroxyl acids, which play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. It evens skin tone, deep cleanses pores, delays premature greying of hair, exfoliates dead skin, even skin tone and leaves you with silky hair.

Hibiscus is widely known as the botox flower – it aids in providing you with firm and healthy skin, making you look and feel much younger. So many benefits – what are you waiting for? Order your dose of hibiscus tea right away.

5). Peppermint tea

If you have oily skin like mine, you do not need to think twice before purchasing your box of peppermint tea. The menthol in peppermint slows down oil production and secretion and encourages cell turnover. This ends up giving your skin the kind of glow you’ve always aimed for, instead of the awkward ‘shine’ due to greasy and oily skin.

It is also beneficial for those who suffer from acne and other hormonal issues since it has the potential to boost estrogen levels in some people.

Not only does it help in soothing the digestive system, but also beats the summer heat by cooling the body internally and externally.

Apart from drinking, you can spray it on your face to cool it down, especially during a headache.

6). Dandelion Tea

Dandelions have numerous benefits for your skin and internal organs. Adding dandelion to your diet can make a huge difference to your skin.

The juice of dandelion serves the purpose of a detoxifier, diuretic and antioxidant. These properties aid in the treatment of acne. Moreover, it’s known for treating skin issues that are caused by fungal infections, for fixing burns and stings and for its anti-aging benefits.

It is rich in antioxidants that help your skin remain young, fresh and tight. I’m sure you are just as tempted to buy dandelion tea as I was, when I first purchased my box. I assure you there’s no going back.

These are six herbal teas that help prevent skin issues and up your glow game. Let us know if these work for you and if you have any other secrets of keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated. We’d love to share them with other readers.

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