In recent times, turmeric tea and its unlimited benefits have caught the world’s attention. Typically used as a spice for taste and color in South Asian curries, people all over the world are now consuming turmeric tea for overall well-being, physical fitness, healthier skin and even weight loss.

Here are the 7 ways turmeric tea improves your mental and physical health.

Prevents inflammation

Turmeric contains several active substances and healing compounds, one of which is curcumin. This compound is notably the most renowned of all its ingredients. Curcumin holds a great number of remarkable qualities among which the most powerful is its ability to control and fight inflammation in the body. Although aspirin and ibuprofen are commonly used as anti-inflammatory compounds, when compared with circumin, the later was found to be the most effective among the three.

Inflammation in the body can cause many diseases including arthritis, cancer, ulcerative colitis, etc. Consuming circumin through turmeric has also been found to be extremely effective against the onset of these diseases. Most prominently, the anti-inflammatory effects of circumin are seen as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease where it keeps inflammation in the brain in check.

Manages depression

Although research on humans regarding turmeric and its anti-depressant effects is very limited, dozens of research trials conducted on laboratory animals have proven that turmeric has the ability to ward off depressive symptoms and prevent the onset of dementia.

A phenomenal study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research took into account 60 volunteers who were diagnosed with major depressive disorder. The participants were divided into groups to test the effects of circumin against Prozac (fluoxetine) on depression.

The results from the study showed that not only were all the subjects able to tolerate circumin well but the compound was as effective in managing depression as Prozac. This study was able to show how the consumption of turmeric might as well be a safer alternative for patients with mild depression.

Treats skin conditions

Turmeric is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective in treating skin conditions. Acne and scarring is a skin condition that the majority of women and men experience during puberty and post-puberty. Research confirms that turmeric has several skin-related benefits which include reducing acne outbreaks and the resultant scarring, speeding up the process of healing [wounds] and controlling psoriasis flares.

While turmeric facial masks are commonly used, a much better way is to consume turmeric by adding it to your tea for lasting benefits for your skin.

Keeps diabetes under control

If you have diabetes and find it hard to lower your sugar levels, add some turmeric to your daily cup of tea as a natural treatment for your condition. The ingredients present in turmeric have the potential to reverse insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

A study published in Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications discovered that adding turmeric to your diet can help reverse diabetes. The study found that curcumin is almost 400 times more powerful and effective in improving insulin sensitivity than the common diabetes drug called Metformin.

A common complication that often occurs due to diabetes is damaged blood vessels that can cause blindness. Another study conducted on the relationship between diabetes and turmeric found that ingesting turmeric can prevent the occurrence of this complication.

Promotes weight loss

Herbal teas like green tea and turmeric tea are excellent for weight loss. Turmeric tea contains thermogenic effects that increase metabolism and ensure faster fat-burning. This results in quick and effective weight loss.

According to a study published in the journal Biofactors, the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin help subdue the inflammatory processes that are linked with obesity. This promotes weight loss, reduces obesity and the adverse effects that result from obesity.

Regulates cholesterol

For someone with heart problems like high blood pressure and increased cholesterol, a cup of turmeric tea every day is likely to regulate the occurrence of these problems. An ever-increasing number of people are developing pre-diabetes which makes them extremely prone to fatal heart diseases.

They also tend to experience oxidative stress which damages their arteries and as a result, this causes cholesterol to build up in the damaged areas. Turmeric is extremely effective at reducing inflammation and oxidative stress thereby regulating and reversing high cholesterol levels in people. Research also shows that the compounds present in turmeric can slow down heart-related problems and can prevent the deterioration of heart health.

Improves brain function

Excellent health means a healthy body and a healthy brain too. Some common mental health conditions include depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and these are mainly characterized by a decreased level of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which is a type of growth hormone found in the brain.

Turmeric and its main active substance Curcumin have been found to increase BDNF levels in the brain which can lead to a delay and even reversal in many brain diseases. This means that there is a significant chance that the turmeric plant could be your best recipe to improve working memory and brain function.

The health benefits of turmeric are unlimited. In fact, turmeric is also known as the ‘miracle spice’. So, the next time you brew a cup of tea for yourself, make sure to add in a pinch of turmeric to not only recharge yourself but to also ensure good overall health and well-being.

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