The most wonderful time of the year is here. The beautiful lights, the cozy and warm nights by the fireplace, and the delicious food. Christmas is something we have all been looking forward to after the terribly difficult year we have had. Everyone can use a bit of festivity and fun right about now.

However, it’s important to be mindful that the pandemic is still very much ongoing. Hence, we need to be careful and make smart choices. Being irresponsible can make things worse, and put our lives and those we love in danger.

Although this Christmas will be a different one, it need not be dull and without fervor. Let’s discuss some ideas of how we can make the most of this holiday season without jeopardizing our safety and that of our family.

Decorate the house

Putting up the fairy lights, the wreaths, and the ornaments is a great way to get into the festive mood. Just because the gatherings and parties will be limited this year, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully decorated house. In fact, it will help take your mind off of the stressful year and help you relax and enjoy a simple yet intimate holiday season with the family. So take out those candles, trees, and lights and spruce up your place for the season!

Celebrate virtually with loved ones

Indoor gatherings are limited this year but that need not mean that you have to celebrate Christmas alone. With everything being done online this year, hosting a Christmas party virtually is a great idea. It not only takes off the pressure of hosting indoors, which is unsafe but is also a fun way to spend the eve in the safety of one’s home while also being connected with loved ones. So dress up, make good food, and have a wonderful virtual party.

Opt for socially distanced activities

The holiday season is all about the Christmas markets, and they are the perfect option for a socially distanced activity. You can walk through the beautifully decorated stalls, or have a warm beverage like pumpkin spice or hot chocolate in the outdoor seating arrangement with little worry. Many restaurants are also offering secluded dining options, taking away the risk of dining in a jam-packed space with loads of strangers. So if you’re feeling cooped up in the house with little to do, head out and have a merry time with the family.

Have fun in the snow

You might be lucky enough to have a snowy holiday, so don’t let it go to waste. Having a snow fight, making snowmen, or going sledding is a perfect way to have fun without worrying about catching the coronavirus. Just make sure to bundle up in layers to avoid getting a cold instead!

Cook a hearty meal

The best way to avoid getting sad and feeling lonely is to indulge in some comfort food. So don’t let the pandemic put a dampen your mood. Try some new and delicious recipes, and enjoy with family because the best part about Christmas is definitely the food. The juicy ribs, the warm pot pie, and the roasted turkey breast. And let’s not forget the desserts. The mousse, the pavlova, the creamy trifle. Yummy! So don’t worry about calories for now. You deserve to treat yourself after the tough year you’ve had.

Whip up a warm drink

Nothing beats a warm, hot chocolate while reading a book by the fireplace. Or a freshly brewed cup of coffee while chatting and catching up with friends over the phone or video call. There are many new and different recipes that you can try including eggnog, gingerbread latte, and our absolute favorite jasmine and ginger tea. Add a dash of cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and garlic cloves. You can also add orange or mixed berry juice for a tangy flavor.

Watch a Christmas movie

One of the best ways to relax and unwind is to watch Christmas family movies. There are loads of options to choose from like Home Alone, Christmas in Connecticut, and Elf. Not only can this be a Christmas Eve family tradition, but it’s a fun and safe activity during this pandemic.

Summing up, Christmas this year is definitely going to be different from the rest. It might be a little difficult, lonely, and depressing, and you might not feel like celebrating, but instead try to look on the bright side. You might not feel the holiday spirit, or feel joyful, but if nothing, you can try celebrating the resilience, strength, and courage you showed to get through the year. I hope that the coming year will be a better one, where once again we can celebrate the festivities without fear, with all those we love and cherish.

Happy Christmas, and a happy holiday season.

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