As part of our commitment towards a healthier and happier YOU, we launched our “Ask our Expert Panel” service. You get to ask your burning health related questions and we get our expert panel of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Professionals to give you the best advice possible!

The following questions was asked by one of our customers and answered by renowned Nutritionist Tanya Savage.

Question: I was diagnoised with MS in Jan. of this year. I have decided not to go with tradtional medicine.  How would you suggest I best battle vs. MS? I have changed my diet dramiticly, only organic fruits and veg.s in my nija every day. Drug free meat when I do eat meat, and supplements, which have been a shotgun approach….

Hi Mark, I applaud your natural approach in your treatment of MS. A diet high in fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meats can help greatly! Make sure you have lots of kale, spinach, cucumbers, broccoli and cabbage that has lots of phytonutrients that can benefit health. Staying active and getting regular massages can help stress levels, circulation, and spascity. Make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamin D as a deficiency has been linked to MS. Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin D can help! The Omega-3’s in Buddha’s Herbs Organic Flaxseed Oil can help soothe inflammation.

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