As part of our commitment towards a healthier and happier YOU, we launched our “Ask our Expert Panel” service. You get to ask your burning health related questions and we get our expert panel of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Professionals to give you the best advice possible!

The following questions was asked by one of our customers and answered by renowned Nutritionist Tanya Savage.

Question: What is the best anti cancer diet?

Hi Clare, The best anticancer diet is a diet full of fresh organic fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants. I prefer items without GMO’s, pesticides and unnecessary hormones, when possible. The vitamins and minerals in produce help repair DNA and control cell growth. To help fill up the gaps of missing vitamins and minerals, Buddha’s Herbs has a great line of items to help. I prefer the One A Day-Mega Omega, and the Green Tea with Herbs.

Good luck! 

Tanya Savage

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