If you’re bent on losing weight there are a number of herbs that can help aid weight loss and help you achieve your weight loss goals faster while remaining healthy. This question was asked by one of our fans and here’s our expert RD Dixya Bhattarai with the answer:

Question: What are the best herbs for losing weight?

Margi, weight loss is successfully achieved by following a healthy lifestyle via eating right, exercising, and managing your emotional/mental health. I don’t think there is a magic pill made just for ‘weight loss’ although some herbal pills may curb your appetite or boost your metabolism but these are only temporary fix. If you are seriously considering a weight loss, Irecommend you to consult a registered dietitian who can give you individual guidance for your weight loss. If you are unable to do so, start working out at least 30 minutes most days of the week and cut down about 500 calories per day to achieve 1-2 pounds weight loss per week.

(contact me at contact@foodpleasureandhealth.com if you are interested).

Dixya Bhattarai.

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