Do you fall sick very often? Have one of the all-season runny noses or just don’t feel fit and vitalized? Well, you’d be surprised how many of us face the very same problems and you know what the core reason for it is? A weak and unhealthy immune system.

This system is, in essence, is our Iron Dome! It is nature’s defense mechanism for our body, working tirelessly to keep us fit and our bodies free of viruses. However, just as the most sophisticated of weapons require a certain degree of maintenance, the immune system and its power is also dependent on things such as our eating habits and lifestyle.

Thus, to keep our shield in top working condition, we must ensure that we maintain a balanced diet, get enough exercise and sleep, while also keeping our stress levels in check. However, as the saying goes, to err is human and err we do.

A large majority of us mere mortals tend to overlook one or more of the things on the above checklist, which leads to a gradual weakening of our immune system. Thankfully though, all is not lost, as we at Buddha’s Herbs have worked quite hard to finalize a range of products specifically for immune health.

These dietary supplements have been made to meet the strictest standards of quality. Not only are the manufacturing processes perfectly clean and hygienic, the potency and balance of our products is, well, quite close to perfection. (We really aren’t the boasting type but it is quite true. Try for yourself!)

So, without further ado, we present the 6 Buddha’s Herbs products that all the fuss is about:

  • Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin D3 1000 IU – 250 Mini Softgels (Lead Free)

Vitamin D is essential for the human body. From improved bone health to proper functioning of the cardiovascular system to reduced risk of asthma and breathing related problems, Vitamin D has been proven to be a vital nutrient.

Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin D3 1000 IU tablets are made of Vitamin D3, the body’s preferred form of Vitamin D, and are perfect for healthy adults looking to meet the daily recommended dosage through supplements.

The product is manufactured under strict GMP guidelines and is tested regularly at an independent laboratory for efficacy, purity and disintegration. For best results, theVitamin D supplement should be taken with your biggest meal of the day, as this can increase absorption by as much as 50 percent.

  • Buddha’s Herbs One A Day- Mega Omega with 700 mg Omega 3 – 200 Softgels

This dietary supplement is a great way to maintain healthy levels of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) and fatty acids essential for heart and cardiovascular health.

Each of these softgel delivers 400 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA, thus surpassing the international daily recommended intake of 500 mg (EPA+DHA), thereby helping improve cardiovascular, cognitive, ocular, immune and nervous system health.

Plus, like all of Buddha’s Herbs products, Mega Omega-3 surpasses all international quality standards. The product is manufactured under strict GMP guidelines to ensure quality and,to top it all, it also boasts thebest price for Omega-3 among all competing products in the market.

  • Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin C (500 mg) with Rose Hips – 250 Tablets

Vitamin C is an essential water soluble that the human body can’t manufacture on its own. It must, therefore, come from foods or supplements and given its importance towards keeping your immune system strong, it is a must, must have.

Vitamin C intake is particularly helpful for smokers, who may suffer from oxidative stress and cell damage. Buddha’s Herbs 500 mg Vitamin C tablets contain Rose Hips, one of the richest natural sources of this important nutrient.A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps maintain a healthy immune system and protects against damaging free radicals. Vitamin C is also necessary for the body to manufacture collagen, a basic component of connective tissues that is an important structural element in blood vessel walls, gums, skin and bones.

The recommended daily dose of Vitamin C ranges from 60 mg to 200 mg per day, thus, Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin C is a great way to ensure you get a sufficient daily dose.

  • Buddha’s Herbs Premium Vitamin A 8000 IU – 200 Softgels (Lead Free)

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, necessary to maintain good vision and skin. It is directly involved in photo-chemical reactions of your retina and is also vital to the growth and maintenance of epithelial tissue and red blood cell production.

Vitamin A deficiency can occur during instances of liver disease, malabsorption or severe malnutrition. Increased Vitamin A in the diet has been associated with reduced risk of cataracts. Buddha’s Herbs Vitamin A 8000 IU is manufactured under strict GMP guidelines and is independently tested for efficacy, purity and proper disintegration.

  • Buddha’s Herbs Complete Multivitamin for Adults – 200 Tablets

Scientifically formulated to contain 29 essential vitamins and minerals, Buddha’s Herbs Complete Multivitamin has all that we need for overall health and vitality. It is especially beneficial for the heart, bones, eyes and memory.

The product is scientifically formulated for adults over the age of 45and contains a negligible amount of iron (less than 0.5% of DV). It provides 100 percent or more of the recommended daily amount of the antioxidants Vitamin C and E, as well as Vitamin D and each of the B-Complex Vitamins.

It also provides a significant amount of Vitamin A and some essential minerals. The supplement also contains zinc and selenium, alongwith lycopene and lutein.

  • Buddha’s Herbs Natural Fish Oil 1000 mg with Omega-3 – 200 capsules

It contains EPA, DHA and fatty acids essential for heart and cardiovascular health. These are considered to be the ‘good’ fats, important for cellular, heart and metabolic health.

Buddha’s Herbs Fish Oil is molecularly distilled and is regularly tested for freshness, efficacy and purity by a FDA registered independent laboratory. The product is manufactured under strict GMP guidelines to ensure quality.

So, these is the product range developed by Buddha’s Herbs specifically to target your immune health needs. Best part is, there is a money-back guarantee on all of them! Plus, there our holiday season special sale is still on too, so order now, try ‘em out and let us know what you think.

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