Green tea is often touted as a healthy way to shed those extra pounds. You’ll find many articles, blogs and research papers advocating the adoption of EGCG rich green tea over regular caffeinated tea and coffee.

But is green tea really caffeine free and does EGCG really help to burn fat?

Caffeine in Green Tea

Green tea is not absolutely free of caffeine per se. Rather, the right type of green tea,
brewed in the right manner, contains less amount of caffeine, which makes it a lot healthier to consume than regular caffeinated products. Coupled with other properties all of which only contribute to a healthy living, green tea proves to be a much better option.

What is EGCG and where can it be found?

EGCG stands for epigallocatechin-3-gallate. EGCG is a catechin (which is a type of polyphenol) that is a strong antioxidant, found mostly in garlic, potatoes, and a few fruits and nuts.

Green Tea and EGCG

Green tea, which is a derivative of the camellia sinesis plant leaves, is also quite rich in EGCG, and thus a very convenient form of consuming antioxidants in a lifestyle that does not always allow us the time and luxury of ensuring proper fruit intake.

Green tea can contain catechin which is a lot more powerful than catechins in other teas. However, this requires a certain way of making green tea: while other tea leaves are fermented and roasted, green tea leaves are withered and steamed, which allows a less processed (and thus stronger-in-catechins) tea to reach the end consumer.

Green tea contains high amounts of EGCG – 1 cup of green tea is known to contain anywhere between 20 mg to 30 mg of EGCG.

Does EGCG burn Fat?

EGCG is increasingly becoming known for its ability to burn fat. Studies have found EGCG to be helpful for those who wish to lose belly fat. Research has found that EGCG not only enables the body to reject the absorption of excess fat, but also increasingly enables it to use stored up fat, and thus helps reduce weight.

How Does EGCG Burn Fat?

EGCG is an antioxidant/catechin which helps increase metabolism. The higher a person’s metabolic rate, the more fat s/he burns. This is applicable even when the person is not actively using his/her body, as EGCG raises the overall metabolic rate, even that which is applicable on a resting body.

Green Tea Extract Supplement

A lot of people are unable to stomach large amounts of green tea, especially if it’s the high-caffeine green tea. However, solutions exist for this problem as well, in the form of decaffeinated green tea and EGCG supplements. Furthermore, a helpful tip for you is to drain the first set of green tea infused water as that absorbs most of the caffeine in green tea. Happy weight loss!

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