Chamomile tea for babies? You’ve got to be kidding me! I thought “tea” in general is bad for kids! If these are the kind of thoughts brewing in your mind, have we got news for you! Contrary to popular belief not all kinds of teas are bad for kids. In fact, some herbal teas, such as chamomile may actually have some significant health benefits for your kids!

How to use Chamomile Tea for Babies

We all know that babies communicate by means of crying. In infants, this crying is mostly, if not always a call for breastmilk. We also know that doctors say that crying is actually good for infants since it helps develop their lungs and other muscles in the body. As such, it is a completely natural and healthy way of communicating. However, if the crying doesn’t stop even after you’ve fed your baby, changed them and they’ve had their beauty sleep, then its a cause for concern. Babies that cry non stop are considered to be colic and while there is still not enough conclusive evidence to suggest what exactly causes babies to become colic, doctors suggest its most probably due to stomach cramps and digestive issues. This is where Chamomile Tea comes into play.

Chamomile Tea for Babies

The pain potentially caused by the stomach indigestion slowly drifts away once Chamomile Tea is taken. This makes the crying stop and also eases the pain for the baby. Chamomile is a great soother and relaxant so it comes as no surprise that it would actually stop babies from crying and relieving whatever pain they may be suffering. Babies that cry longer than 3 hours are said to be colicky infants.Studies have shown that chamomile tea for babies has been quite effective in putting an end to episodes of colic. Lukewarm chamomile tea is a good remedy for common stomach ailments in babies. This herbal tea will soothe the pain and relieve stomach discomfort.

Is Chamomile Tea safe for babies?

An upset tummy in babies and toddlers can surely be brought under control by giving them chamomile tea. But many parents are concerned about the safety of their baby and often ask ‘will chamomile tea cause any adverse effects’? Believe it or not, allergic reactions (skin rashes) associated with the use of chamomile tea are a rarity. To keep side effects at bay, parents need to ensure that chamomile tea is made from the purest form of the chamomile herb. So, it is essential to buy the herb from a trusted source.

How much Chamomile Tea is good for babies?

Chamomile tea (warm and not hot) when given in small amounts to colicky babies can benefit in decreasing stomach pain. Intake of chamomile tea can improve the digestive system, thereby relieving stomach aches. However, there is no need to feed a cup of tea to the baby. 2-3 ounces of tea, in most cases, is enough to alleviate the pain. Overfeeding the tea is certainly not recommended to ease bouts of colic.


Chamomile Tea is a miracle herb that caters to all age groups with little to no side effects. However, before applying it to your baby, it is absolutely crucial to consult a family physician before trying anything and if you do, use a good quality chamomile tea product from a brand that you’re familiar with. Try out Buddha’s Herbs Chamomile Tea which is 100% organic and will give you and your family the relaxation you need.

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