When looking for supplements to help you with your weight loss efforts, you’re bound to come across Coq10. As of late, this vitamin-like compound, also known as ubiquinone has gained some recognition when it comes to weight loss.

As is the case with any nutritional or dietary supplement, it’s important to differentiate the facts from the myths when making a decision. So just how effective is Coenzyme Q10 for weight loss? Read on and you’ll find out.

Coenzymes Q10- What is it all about?

Coenzymes are naturally found in your body and serve as an essential component of cells. Particularly those cells involved in the production of ATP. The basic function of Coenzyme is as a carrier of energy in the cells.

In general, the addition of a Co10 to your diet is considered to be a safe and effective way of ensuring your body is receiving an essential antioxidant that helps to maintain proper health. But, there are tons of supplements and herbal teas that are anti-oxidant rich. What makes Coq10 special?

The best Coq10 products in the market are prepared with 100% natural yeast fermentation. When taken in sufficient quantity, Coq10 helps to fight off free radical damage along with which it helps the body resist potential health concerns.

Weight loss in a pill?

Unfortunately, anything that even slightly helps with weight loss becomes the latest fad in the industry. Coq10 is one of those nutritional supplements that has been touted as the ultimate “weight loss pill”. All smart consumers know that pills alone don’t guarantee weight loss. Rather they work to aid your on-going weight loss efforts. It is in that respect you will find Coq10 to be highly potent and powerful.

Exactly how does Coq10 help with weight loss? As mentioned above, coenzymes are naturally present in the body as energy carriers in cells. By taking additional Coq10 supplements you level up on cellular energy which boosts the body’s metabolism thereby helping you to reach and sustain your desired weight.

Furthermore, with sufficient amount of Coq10 in your body, you will be boosting your body’s ability to transform food into energy. Coq10 does this by regulating the fats and sugars present in your blood stream. The use of this supplement has seen beneficial results for weight loss particularly in people that have a natural deficiency of Coenzymes in their body. Additionally, you can improve the impact of Coq10 (and any other supplement for weight loss) when you combine it with a healthy diet and an exercise regime best suited to your needs.

Coenzyme Coq10 is not a Fat Burner!

Even though this supplement is more than likely to help you achieve your weight loss goals, one should not confuse it with a fat burner. Yes, it does help transform food into energy and it does increase your body’s metabolism but that’s not the only thing it does and that’s not the only reason for taking Coq10 supplements.

In fact, the majority of Coenzyme Coq10 users take the supplements for treating heart and blood vessel conditions. These include congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, chest pain also known as angina and other heart related problems. Additionally, Coq10 is also prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes and even gum diseases. In both these cases the supplement is taken orally and applied directly to the gums. Coq10 is also particularly beneficial for chronic fatigue, muscular dystrophy as well as a natural booster for exercise tolerance. Aids patients and others with a weak immune system have also been prescribed Coenzyme Q10 as it helps improve overall vitality and strengthens the immune system.

In cases such as aids or cancer, Coq10 helps to reverse the damage caused by these prevailing diseases as well as the effects of traditional treatment which has its own side effects on the body.

Coenzyme Coq10 – Good for Weight Loss and More

In conclusion we can see that while Coq10 is beneficial for weight loss, there are many other health conditions and needs where Coq10 supplements can come in handy. Keeping this in mind, one must exercise caution when it comes to the exact dosage of the supplement for which one should always consult a doctor There are no particular benefits of increasing your Coenzyme intake drastically. On the contrary, doing so can have a negative impact on your body.

Yes, Coq10 will help you lose weight. The trick is to combine it with your exercise program and a healthy diet!

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