Brian Oh is a professional photographer based in Seattle and is also the also the founder of the adult Summer Camp, Camp RAHH!

Being a professional photographer requires a lot of positive energy from your end and Brian knows all about it; therefore, to give him that extra kick in the morning, he relied on early morning coffee to get him through the day. After completely excluding his coffee intake, he tried to find the best Green Tea in the market, until he came across Buddha’s Herbs Signature Tea Blends.

Here’s what he had to say:

“In the past two years I’ve completely quit drinking coffee and have switched to drinking Green Tea.  Green Tea has less caffeine but still enough to get me going in the morning, but I found a lot of Green Tea can be bitter and gritty.  When I discovered the Wings tea and their Green Tea with herbs I found two teas had the anti-oxidants, and light caffeine I am looking for from drinking Green Tea, but the taste is delicious.  The Wings tea with the Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon, and Cardamon gives me such a warm and happy feeling and smells so good.  I like to drink that one when I wake up.  The Green Tea with Herbs is my day time tea.  I still get a light kick from the caffeine but it also has this calming factor that’s really grounding and refreshing with the light infusion of chamomile, thyme and peppermint in the blend.”

Switching from Coffee to Green Tea takes a lot of effort to be successful at it; but the results are amazing. We are glad that Brian has chosen Buddha’s Herbs to help him with his change.

About Camp RAHH!
The name Camp RAHH! is about self empowerment as well as the the power of friendship through those around you. (just shout it out loud and you’ll see what we mean) RAHH! also means raw, because at camp you have a chance to be your most natural self – not your status, your phone or your job title… (Click here to read more.)

All the best, Brian!