Renowned Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Weitz believes in treating the whole person starting with the basic foundations of health, including diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. She’s committed to helping her patients take control of their own health and to educate them on prevention and wellness. 

Recently, we got a chance to interest Dr. Weitz in trying out some of our products. Here’s what she has to say about Buddha’s Herbs:

“As a Naturopathic Physician I have multiple high-end supplements frequently cross my desk. When I heard the story of how Buddha’s Herbs was started, I was interested enough to agree to trying their products before recommending them to my patients. The intention of the formulators/owners is pure: make an excellent product out of the highest most sound ingredients. 
The formulations are simple and effective and dosing is convenient, allowing for compliance. The amount of product used is measured to a therapeutic level for optimum results. 
The products that Buddha’s Herbs has chosen to start with are some of the most important for overall health and well-being. Not only is the logo and packaging straight-forward and attractive but the products are clean, tested and backed by GMP.
The tea formulations taste great yet are also medicinal.
I must again mention how much I love the logo. It seems to encompass all that the herbs embrace- it’s calming, creative yet solid- I LOVE it!”