Leah Zacceria and Jenniferlyn Chiemingo are two of the most well known names in yoga in the Greater Seattle Area. As the founder of two yoga institutes, Hauteyoga and Shefayoga, Leah is busy day in and day out teaching all kinds of people the benefits of yoga. Jenniferlyn  works alongside as the Director of Yoga and is renowned for her immensely dedicated approach towards teaching yoga. Recently, we got a chance to talk to Leah and Jennigerlyn about yoga and got them and their students to try out some of our products.

Leah told us that everyone at the yoga studio in Seattle loves to drink some sort of herbal tea after class as it helps them feel rejuvenated.  We thought there couldn’t be a better blend than Buddha’s Herbs Wings Tea for all her students. That’s why, we asked her to try out this brand new blend of ours. Sure enough, everyone loved it at the studio!

Here’s what Leah Zacceria had to say after they tried out our refreshing blend:

“The Wings tea is out at Shefayoga, our hot yoga studio in Seattle and the students love to drink the tea after class to continue feeling balanced and hydrated.” – Leah Zacceria Owner Hauteyoga and Shefayoga .

Jenniferlyn instantly fell in love with Buddha’s Herbs and has now made it a daily part of her routine!

“I love to drink Buddhas Herbs herbal teas any time of day. It makes me feel healthy and hydrated especially with all the classes I teach every week. It’s like a treat to fill me up with goodness so I can share more with my students.” – JL Chiemingo -Hauteyoga Queen Anne Director of Yoga.

We’re glad that everyone at  Hauteyoga and Shefayoga are loving Buddha’s Herbs! We couldn’t be happier! :)