Ben Dragavon is a renowned Muscle Activation Specialist who works with the Athletic Training Institute in Bellevue, Washington. He’s the current coach for the Seattle Sounders FCU-23s and FC Academy and himself has had a 6 year professional soccer career. With professional experience and certification in sports fitness Ben understands the importance of the brain-to-muscle connection. That’s where, he believes, Buddha’s Herbs St. John Wort’s Tea can come in very handy.

Here’s what Ben Dragavon had to say about this herbal tea blend from Buddha’s Herbs:

“I use the St. John’s Wort tea from Buddha’s Herbs because of its natural calming effects to the limbic part of the brain.  Being calm and in control is part of my job.  I work with many professional athletes who depend on their body’s to perform at the highest level, and I help them by improving the way their brain’s communicate with their muscles through a process called muscle activation technique.  I notice the St. John’s Wort tea is calming to drink and smell, and I not only drink it but offer it to my clients as well.  It definitely helps in creating a calm and happy mood around the training facility.”

We’re happy that Ben is finding our product useful for himself and his clients. We wish him all the best with his health and his career! What about you guys? Have you tried Buddha’s Herbs St. John Wort’s Tea? If so, how did you find it?