Sean Mcormick is big on consciousness and with his Seattle based Isolation Tank Center he’s on a mission to help people achieve their highest state of consciousness.

Naturally, Sean pays a lot of attention to what he consumes in terms of food, drinks and supplements. Recently, he had the opportunity to try some of our products and this is what he has to say:

“I pay a lot of attention to what goes in to my body, and after learning the story of Buddha’s Herbs and their clean manufacturing I started taking the green tea extract, the green coffee bean extract, and the slimming tea and have definitely notice that I’m metabolizing my food and liquids clearer and cleaner, and I don’t feel jittery or over charged, just light and bright.  At our Seattle Float studio we offer some calming herbal teas to our clients to drink prior to them enter the isolation tank, and find it’s a nice way for them to settle in.”

Sean McCormick
Proprietor of Float Seattle

About Float Seattle:

Float Seattle was voted Seattle’s Best Isolation Tank Center! Realizing the difficulty people face in finding a reliable float tank center in Seattle, Sean decided to set up his own along with his partners. The state of the art Float Center offers all the features you would need without the pomp and circumstance.

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