Do you stick to a regular routine to keep yourself healthy? While that’s a great habit, many times, some things outside of your control can lead to upsetting your routine and consequently upsetting your health.

One of our fans recently went through such an experience where her routine got totally upset and started taking a toll on her health. She posted the question to our expert panel and here’s what they had to say:

Question: Hi I’m a very healthy active person, I only eat clean non processed organic foods, I haven’t been sick in years up until a few weeks ago. My mother was hospitalized for a month, i stayed with her the entire time, lack of sleep, unhealthy hospital food, gained weight, stress and exposure to the worst germs in the ER got me and I was severely sick for 2 weeks, now 3 weeks later and I’m sick again, plus allergies, plus woke up with UTI today :( I’m super sad and want to get better, what can I take to avoid the dr and antibiotics??? Please help me, thank you.

Much Love,

It sounds like you had a lot to deal with lately with your mom being hospitalized, exposure to germs, and change in your daily routine. First and foremost, UTI is an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. If your symptoms are very mild, you could try drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice to fight off the infections but otherwise, UTI could lead to severe infection requiring more intense treatment. If you continue getting for weeks, I’d suggest seeing a doctor because sometimes natural, home-remedies are not good enough. If your current health condition allows, I’d slowly transition back into your normal daily routine of eating healthy and getting adequate sleep.

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