Your breakfast is undoubtedly the first and the most important meal of your day. It is a meal that sets the mood and gets you started for your day. But the important bit here is to ensure that you consume all the essential  foods and beverages in the morning to help you put the right foot forward.

Apart from scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, a smoothie, oats and fruits, I’m sure like everybody else, you love your morning tea. And one of the healthiest and tasteful concoctions you can add to your  breakfast is herbal fruit tea.

Giving your usual tea some twist, herbal fruit teas come in a variety of delicious flavors and pack a punch of energy. Its flavors range from strawberry tea to apple cinnamon, citrus, cranberry and more. But the best thing about these teas isn’t just their tantalizing taste, but the countless mental and physical health benefits they come with.

Here are five reasons you should include a steaming cup of herbal fruit tea in breakfast.


It’s packed with health benefits

As mentioned before, a cup of steaming herbal fruit tea every morning acts like a daily dose of health. It’s a feast for your taste buds and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Herbal fruit teas are loaded with all the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs to function optimally, including iron, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B, potassium, you name it. It also has some potent alkaloids and antioxidants that make the tea an excellent breakfast beverage option.

The compounds present in the tea provide an amazingly diverse range of health benefits, some of which include prevention of cardiovascular diseases, strengthening of the immune system, etc. Potassium, in particular, ensures an optimal balance of blood pressure that helps one get through their day with great peace and calm.

It is quite the ultimate kickstart you need every morning to wake up and get started. While coffee may be the ideal choice for many people, it’s about time you replaced it with a steaming mug of, say, raspberry leaf tea.

It protects against cancer

As unbelievable as it may sound, a freshly brewed cup of something as delicious and healthy as citrus tea is likely to give you a longer life. Yes, you heard that right!

Citrus teas and several other herbal fruits teas contain cancer-killing properties and work to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. The powerful oxidants present in these teas help fight the damage caused by free radicals and protect the body from various kinds of cancers.

The presence of Vitamin C in the tea provides an ultimate boost to your immune system which stimulates the production of white blood cells.

This further strengthens the functioning of the body’s natural defence system and prevents it from external threats. In a nutshell, your morning cup of citrus tea might just be your long-term solution to cancer and other terminal diseases.

Calms the mind

Ever woke up with a thudding headache? A hot cup of apple tea might be the ultimate cure for that menace. It is an excellent substitute to all those sugar-loaded artificial fruit juices that some of you may be drinking for breakfast. Apples help restore the balance of acids and alkalines in the body which fights off headaches and migraines.

A single serving of apple tea each morning will not only treat your sinus headaches, but will also protect you from being stressed out during the rest of the day.

Promotes oral hygiene

Taking care of your gums and teeth is probably one of the biggest favours you can do to yourself. Oral health is vital for your overall health and neglecting it can lead to various gum diseases like gingivitis, for example. One way to prevent that from happening is by including a cup of cranberry fruit tea to your breakfast.

Starting your day with something as healthy and beneficial as cranberry tea will promote not only oral hygiene but also foster overall health and wellness.

Due to the number of anti-oxidants and essential minerals present in the drink, consuming it regularly will help strengthen your gums and also fight all the unhealthy toxins and bacteria present in your mouth.

Because several illnesses and diseases are linked to oral hygiene, this is one of the most natural and effective ways to ensure healthy gums and oral hygiene.

Enhances brain function

If you feel like your brain has been giving up on you lately, that means it’s not receiving a significant boost of energy every morning. Especially, if you are a student or if the nature of your job requires a lot of mental activity, your brain needs healthy foods to perform at its optimal.

Strawberries are one super healthy food for your brain. And what better way to start your mornings than sipping that warm strawberry herbal tea. The human brain is quite vulnerable to threats like free radicals that can diminish its power over the years.

Strawberries can greatly help prevent that from happening by protecting the nerves of the brain from becoming weaker. Strawberries contain potassium which is one of the core ingredients required to increase blood flow to the brain, which, in turn, improves your cognitive function. You can now say goodbye to those moments of embarrassing forgetfulness or brain fog at work or during exams!


While there is no fixed time for you to sip away at your favourite herbal fruit tea, mornings are perhaps the best time to do so because that is when you wake up and need an energy jolt. If you are unsure which flavour of the tea to get, you can try herbal fruit tea sampler that come in various flavours. But regardless of the fruit tea you choose to drink, each will provide you with numerous health benefits, paving the way to a fully-functional mind and body!

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