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    I have Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. 42 and have had a hysterectomy. Thyroid is slightly low but just barely. SED rate is in normal range. I take no prescriptions for my Lupus and take Gabapentin for my Fibro pain, which I just started. For several months now I have edema in my feet, ankles and legs. Right now the skin is extremely tight on my legs because of the swelling. My muscles hurt all over, as if I’ve done vigorous exercise the day before. But all the time. I am minimally active right now due to the pain. My kidneys don’t hurt at all… but wonder if the edema is being caused by my kidneys? I just read that somewhere… What can I do holistically or homepathically for edema? The doctor says he can prescribe a pill for it… but seems there is always a “pill for that” and the side effects are brutal and usually require more medication to solve those new symptoms! I’m willing to try anything!

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  • Dixya Bhatarai

    As you may already know that systemic lupus affect the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs, I am not sure which of your body parts are affected. Given your normal rate of SED, seems like inflammation is under control but have you considered talking to your doctor about your renal function. One of the major functions of kidneys include filtering blood and maintaining water balance in the body. For people with lupus, it has been known to cause an inflammation to the filtering device in the kidneys (the glomerulus) which furthermore can cause damages to the glomeruli preventing kidneys from filtering wastes from the bloodstream. These changes occur during first few years of diagnosis. Sometimes, the kidney may also “leak” protein from the blood into the urine and in certain cases, it can cause water retention, swelling in the feet and lower legs.

    Typically people with edema are prescribed with water pill known as “diuretics” which prevents your body from absorbing too much salt, allowing the salt to instead be passed in your urine. Since you are looking for an alternative option, I would suggest you to first consult with your physician in treating the underlying cause of edema. Additionally, following a low-sodium dietary restrictions may help with edema. Since you already have lupus, which is an autoimmune condition, I would consult with your physician regarding the complimentary therapy. There are several suggested herbal remedies for edema but since everyone reacts differently to it, I’d suggest you device that plan of care with your physician. In the meanwhile, have you tried a compression socks or a support hose to prevent swelling?

    Your muscle pain could be due to fibromyalgia but I hope gabapentin will start to work for you and help reduce the pain. Once your pain is controlled, please consider incorporating exercise gradually because physical activity increases the body’s production of endorphins which are natural painkillers and they also help boost your mood.

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