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  • Christine Migneault

    Help with Hypothyroidism

    Recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Would live recommendations with essential oils, herbs, vitamins. Anything that helps my energy would be great. Thank you

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  • Dixya Bhatarai

    As you may already know, hypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid gland is under-active and not producing enough thyroid hormone. Since thyroid controls our metabolism, hypothyroidism can potentially slow down metabolism which means your body is makes less energy and you tend to become easily tired and sluggish. Continue taking your prescribed medication per your physician. If you already don’t have one, it is important that you discuss that with your physician because medication is the most effective way to balance your thyroid hormones, thus helping with your energy levels . Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein can give you the energy you need throughout your day as well. I highly suggest cutting down on added sugar and avoid eating large meals at once because it actually makes your fatigue worse. It is very common for most people to reach for caffeinated drinks to stay energized during the day, but the short-term lift won’t address the long term fatigue you are experiencing due to hypothyroidism. It may seem counter productive to add physical activity to your daily routine when you have no energy, but believe me slowly incorporating physical activity will help improve your energy levels during the day and help you sleep better in the night.

    Currently, there are no evidenced based practice recommendations for specific herbs/vitamins/essential oils to help boost energy during hypothyroidism. However, it is generally recommended for individuals with hypothyroidism to not consume soy containing foods (soy milk, edamame, tofu) on an everyday basis. Even though deficiency of iodine in the diet is one of the possible causes of hypothyroidism, taking iodine in the form is supplement is not recommended because it affects everyone differently and may cause more harm than good. If you think your diet is not well-balanced, taking one a day daily multi-vitamin might be okay but other than that, please consult your physician before starting any over the counter medications/herbs/essential oils etc.

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