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  • Kathy Park

    I have had anxiety induced nausea for almost 5 years.

    The first few years were the worst. I still get it almost daily, but in a milder form, with some exacerbation. Have tried every anti nausea pill, and some herbals. I currently take 1100mg ginger supplement a day and am on digestive enzymes, which I just started. Was wondering if you had any suggestions. The biggest thing is in simply “accepting” my anxiety and the feelings it brings. That is the way to recovery. In the meantime, I have no appetite, am NEVER hungry and easing the nausea even more would give me more strength on my road to recovery. Thank you so very much.

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  • Hina Khan

    Kathy, since you mentioned your nausea is caused anxiety induced, have you considered talking to your doctor about anti-anxiety medications or a therapist who can help you manage your anxiety better? Ginger is known to help relieve nausea and I hope the supplements works for you. Sometimes eating crackers, peppermint flavored candies, and carbonated drinks such as Sprite/7-Up also helps. It is not unusual for people to lose an appetite during an episode of nausea and it again goes back to anxiety. I would suggest exploring some relaxing activities such as yoga, listening to soothing music, taking a deep breath to help you a little bit.

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