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  • Karen M

    Is there a way to boost the production of Breastmilk?

    This happened with my first child and my second is due in March . Thank you!

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  • Hina Khan

    Thanks for sending in this question. Ensuring a good supply of breast milk is something that concern’s every breast feeding mother. However, unless you’re suffering from a serious medical issue, it is generally not recommended to take medications for this condition. On the other hand there are a number of natural hacks that can help you increase breast milk supply.

    At Buddha’s Herbs we studied these natural hacks in great detail and came up with a master blend that helps promote healthy lactation and increases breast milk supply. This tea consists of a propriety blend of herbs including sweet fennel fruit, caraway seeds, anise fruits and lemon balm leaves. All ingredients known for helping boost milk supply.

    We highly recommend that you try out this blend and let us know if it worked for you.

    Buddha’s Herbs Milky Cloud Healthy Lactation Tea.

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