Cancer treatment, including chemo therapy, surgery and heavy medications can have a profound impact on your health. Even if some people recover after such treatment, the negative impacts of these treatments can cause a long lasting effect on your health.

One concerned individual who had recently recovered from colon cancer posed an interesting question on how to get back to normal after extensive cancer treatment. Here’s what our expert panel had to say:

Question: I had colon cancer. I had it taken out, and had 12 chemo treatments. I’m done now with chemo (I had chemo before when I was 24 for Hogkins Disease) . My body feels like a boken mirror. This translucent shell thats inflating. How do I get back to normal? Any advice would help.I need to do what needs to be done on the Inside. And give my boby what it needs and has been depleted of. Please help.

Kudos for getting through 12 chemo treatments. You mentioned surgery, are you referring tocolectomy? If so, then your nutritional needs will be determined by the portion of bowel resected and any other health complications you have. Most nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine while the colon also absorbs additional nutrients and electrolytes with the help of the beneficial bacteria that populate the organ. After the colon resection, small intestine takes over the function of absorbing water but one of the concerns is vitamin deficiency particularly B- 12.

Generally, a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and good sources of fats are recommended for overall health and well-being. Also, I would talk with your physician regarding drawing your labs and possibly starting on daily multi-vitamins to replenish the nutrients your body needs.

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