The interesting and tasty aspect of tea is that it’s complimentary to so many other natural herbs and remedies. People not only drink tea for the delicious taste, but to promote health as well. When tea drinkers are interested in improving their health, they naturally look to other herbs and remedies as well. But what do they want?

On our website, we sell both teas and natural supplements. While our sales provide one window of how customers use tea and herbs in tandem, we wanted a different perspective, of what customer prefer. Therefore, we ran a survey asking website visitors of what teas and herbs they most frequently use. The top six results:

Green Tea – 25.1%.

It comes as no surprise that Green tea was the highest rated response among our shoppers. It promotes oral and bone health, assists with weight loss, helps prevent the cell mutations that can cause cancer, and lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Omega-3 Fish Oil – 20.1%

The number one compliment to green tea is omega 3 fish oil. While many people want the health benefits of fish, eating a whole lot of fish to gain these benefits has its own concerns. Therefore, using a supplement is an obvious solution. Omega 3 fish oil can help lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, keep arteries flexible, and reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Chamomile Tea – 8.2%

Many people consider Chamomile tea a relaxing or night time tea, for good reason. Chamomile tea can help reduce stress and promote better sleep, calms upset stomachs, reduce skin swelling, and settle headaches. Chamomile can also boost long term health and lessen the risk of diabetes, thereby increasing your immune system.

Ginseng – 7.8%

Ginseng is made from a slow-growing perennial plant grown in China, Korea, and Siberia. It is thought to increase energy during the work day by stimulating the mind, thereby improving concentration. Others suggest it as an appetite suppressant and curbing sugar cravings. Also, Ginseng is said to cool the body, which minimizes stomach pains and menstrual cramps.

Flaxseed Oil – 5.6%

While people have gained the benefit of flax seeds for some time, traditionally, the oil hasn’t been used that much. Flaxseed oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Then, researchers have found a link between the presence of Flaxseed oil and preventing heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Garlic Supplements – 4.6%

Everyone knows garlic as a herb, but over the past few years, it has been used for its medical benefits as well. Garlic helps blood platelet stickiness, reducing blood coagulation and improving heart health. It also promotes the liver’s production of bile, reducing levels of fat in the liver.

With these potent health benefits, it is not surprising that some survey show Green tea drinkers are healthier and happier overall. We agree!

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