Ulcerative colitis is a health problem that causes complications with the colon. Typically associated with burning pain and severe itching, this health problem is strenuous to deal with and can linger on for a long time.

We got asked this question from one of our fans recently and here’s what our experts have to say:

Question: I’ve had ulcerative colitis for the past 17 yrs (a result of severe allergic reaction to sulpha based antibiotic, that burned my colon & I developed burning pain, severe itching & huge welts over my lower body & causing an immune reaction, etc). How can I heal lower and mid colon naturally?????

It sounds like you have had some damages to your colon. When you say burned the colon, are you referring to inflammation or resection through surgery. There are a lot of natural healing, detox, and cleansing products available in the market to heal your colon naturally but you should be extremely cautions of starting any natural remedies without consulting with your GI doctor first.

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