Ginsengs come in several types in the world; however, Korean ginseng leads in terms of medicinal effects and ingredients. Korean ginseng comprises about 29 different ginsenosides whereas the other types contain only about 8 to 9 different ginsenosides.

Korean ginseng offers significant benefits not only to your physical health, but also to your mental health. To help you have a better understanding of this herb we have compiled 5 of the most important benefits of Korean Ginseng to help you find a good herbal treatment for your physical and mental problems!

1. Potent Antioxidants that may reduce inflammation 

Panax ginseng extract is known worldwide for having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A test tube study was conducted that showed that the ginsenoside compound and ginseng extracts can reduce inflammation and increase the number of antioxidants in cells.

Another study was conducted that investigated the effect of panax ginseng on athletes. There were 18 male athletes who required taking 2gms of Red Panax Ginseng extract thrice a day for seven days. These men were tested for inflammation after seven days and it was found that they had levels of certain inflammatory markers tested after their exercise test. Compared to the placebo group the level of inflammation was lower and it lasted for 72 hours after testing.


2. Reduces Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Asthma

The western herbal medicine has studied the regulating effects of ginseng panax on the immune system of human beings. It has been found that the Korean ginseng has a potential of protecting humans against normal infections like flu, cough and cold. It has also been found that Korean ginseng can reduce the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood.

Red Korean ginseng tea has the ability to help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Through study and in animal laboratories it has been found through research that ginseng creates a relaxing effect on the muscles in lungs. The relaxation of muscles in the lungs causes airway expansion which helps in relieving the symptoms of conditions like asthma which causes problems and blockage in airways.

3. Improves Sexual Functions

For a really long time, panax ginseng has been known to improve the sexual function and libido in both men and women.  Chinese herbalists have been using the herb as traditional medicine for ages. These main herbs are considered as aphrodisiac and are employed for restoring the sexual function in men.  Korean ginseng is known best for helping men who have an erectile dysfunction at some point of their lives. Research has showed that the herb has helped around 60% of the cases of men who were experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Not only men benefit from Red Ginseng but women can also benefit from this type of herb, especially in sexual problems. When women go through the menopause stage in their lives, they experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and a low libido. Red Korean Ginseng is useful in sexual health of women as it helps in combating stress, maintains the blood circulation in their bodies and it contributes in increasing the stamina of the body.

4. Improves Memory and Mental Performance 

Korean Ginseng Root Extract is known as the “brain protector” and “brain booster”.  The herb tends to boost your mental performance and it especially helps you concentrate in times when you have a hard time concentrating on your work or any other thing.  As mentioned before in this article, Korean Ginseng is an antioxidant, so it also helps in protecting the brain cells from any radical damage that comes its way.

It has been recommended for Alzheimer’s patients to have ginseng root for 12 weeks thrice a day to improve their mental health.  Moreover, Korean Ginseng prevents loss of memory at old ages and helps in safeguarding against the mental decline especially at an old age. Furthermore, Korean Ginseng boosts memory in patients that have suffered from a stroke. The main reason behind ginseng being this advantageous to the human brain is due to the existence of ginkgo biloba in the brain. When the ginkgo biloba combines with the ginseng, together they enhance the short-term memory and in some cases minimize the ADHD symptoms.

5. Lowers Stress

Another red panax ginseng benefits the human body include its ability to relax and stimulate the nervous system. Red Ginseng boosts the capillary circulation in the brain which allows it to reduce stress. Ginseng increases the blood flow in blood capillaries in the brain which allows the brain cells to have more oxygen and energy and fight against the stress that comes their way. Ginseng helps relax the brain and helps in having a stress-free life!

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