In medical circles, these three top the list of recognized silent killers. Although its manifestation is, essentially, purely mental, stress leads to numerous kinds of physical ailments. Thus, in combination with anxiety and depression, it makes the list of top 10 health problems being faced by America.

Unabated stress, continuing without any relief can lead to a condition known as distress – a negative stress reaction. Distress is the problem that also causes disruptions in our body’sinternal balance or equilibrium, which in turn, leads to physical symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, upset stomachs, sexual dysfunction,chest pain and sleeping disorders.

Similarly, depression causes a person to feel sad, hopeless, unmotivated or disinterested in life. While for a short time, it can be a case of being down in the dumps, the moment these feelings start affecting a person’s everyday life, it becomes a problem that must be addressed.Sadly, around 15 million people experience depression annually in the US.

Although depression and anxiety disorders are very different, there is a link between the two, as most people with depression often experience symptoms associated with anxiety disorder -nervousness, irritability and sleeping problems.

The fact that nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression also have anxiety disorders is a further indicator of the interlink. Fortunately,experts are in complete agreement over these disorders beingcollectively and individually treatable.

While the treatments may vary drastically in nature, as they range from allopathic medicine to the alternative realm, it remains an undoubted fact that herbal remedies are often the safest way to combat these disorders.

  • With calming and comforting properties, Chamomile Tea is one of the most widely used mediums to release or lower stress. The power of this unique herb, which was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal properties, has been fully researched and, today,it is one of the most popularly prescribed herbal teas for stress and anxiety.
  • Another herbal tea with a rich history and a formidable potential for treatment of mental stress or illness is St John’s Wort Tea. This unique blend has been used to ease common tensions and nervous unrest, while also augmentingour overall emotional health.
  • There is evidence to suggest that Panax Ginseng helps to enhance mental function and promotes over all wellbeing by stimulating the immune system and increasing overall vitality.
  • Eminent Arab physician, Avicenna,once said, “Lemon balm makes the heart merry and joyful, and strengthens the vital spirits.” This historic claim has been further solidified by recent studies that showed patients given lemon balm were in a much better mood soon after. Increased calmness and alertness were also noticed.
  • There is well-documented evidence to suggest that Kava Root, hailing from the South Pacific region, is effective in the treatment of anxiety related disorders. Kava is taken usually as a hot beverage, with the roots being boiled and drained of all their potentially beneficial nutrients. This also allows for an increased soothing effect. However, keeping in mind the rigors of modern life, Kava Root is also now available in capsule or tablet form for easy consumption.
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