Why take heavy medication when you can soothe your stomach with some nature’s miracles? There are a variety of herbal teas that get help you treat digestive problems and maintain good digestive health. From anti-inflammatory properties to digestion aids, following are some blends that are great to have at home for daily use or on an as needed basis for your tummy troubles:

Lemon Balm Tea Soothes your Digestive System

This stomach soother comes from the Mediterranean where it has been used for ages to soothe the digestive system and calm nerves. This pleasant tasting blend is easy to get used to and packed with healthy nutrients that deliver the promised health benefits. Its easy to find 100% organic lemon balm tea and as such, makes a good addition to your pantry.

Green Tea Rids Your Digestive Tract from Bad Bacteria

America’s favorite herbal product, Green tea is considered effective against H.pylori, the cause of most stomach ulcers. While it works to help you keep your digestive system free from bad bacteria, it doesn’t inhibit or disturb beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. The best thing about green tea is, its taste is easy to acquire and pleasant even for first timers along with its loaded with a variety of other health benefits as we all know!

Peppermint Tea Gives Instant Relief

If you’re looking for instant relief, peppermint may be your best bet. Peppermint tea is one of the top herbal healing suggestions by nutritionists. There’s good reason too as well, because peppermint is considered quick and effective in easing the discomfort of indigestion, fullness and nausea. Along with which it can help relax the intestinal tract and reduce symptoms of IBR.

Our best blend for your Digestive tract: Buddha’s Herbs Premium Green Tea with Thyme and Peppermint.

Ginger Tea is a Digestion Aid

Overate at dinner? Get nature’s best digestion aid in the form of a nice, warm cup of ginger tea. With zero caffeine, calories or fat ginger tea is a great organic remedy to aid in digestion. The best thing about ginger tea, you can easily crush some ginger and make it at home! Of course, you can always “Google” the right way to do it! )

Chamomile Tea has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Although chamomile tea is generally considered to be a “natural relaxant” tea, it carries other benefits. One of them being the fact that it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties actually work as a digestive treatment. Furthermore, chamomile tea will help relieve stress that is often tied to digestive problems.

St. John Wort’s Tea Relaxes the Nervous System

This age old remedy has been used to ease common tensions and relax the nervous system for centuries. Much like chamomile tea above, it is considered to be a “natural relaxant” blend that helps alleviate stress that is associated with digestive problems.

Buddha's Herbs St John Wort's Tea

Put away those heavy meds and buy yourself some great tasting, all organic herbal tea!

So which blend are you going to choose to make sure you maintain your digestive health? Have you tried any other tea to help you with your tummy troubles? Let me know in the comments!

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