We all know how important breast milk is for a baby. At the same time, its imperative for mothers to eat and live a healthy lifestyle while nursing. Babies who are breast fed are less likely to develop common infections as their immunity system gets stronger. For increasing breast milk most mothers prefer using natural herbs and products as they are considered less likely to harm them.

In recent years, the concept of herbal teas for lactation has grown in popularity. Do they really work and what makes these teas effective in this regards? It all boils down to a category of herbs known as galactagogues which is the scientific name of the substance that helps increase milk supply.

Most of the herbal teas you’ll find out there in the market are made using one or more of these herbs that are rich sources of galactagogues.


A semiarid crop which is produced all over the world. Its seeds are commonly used in the sub-continent as an ingredient for various dishes. It is also used for digestion and can lower the blood sugar levels.

Blessed Thistle:

This is actually a plant native to the Mediterranean region. The herb is also used for liver or indigestion. Despite being effective for increasing breast milk supply it is not included in tea due to its bitter taste.

Red Raspberry Leaf:

Rich in minerals and vitamins, it comes from the raspberry plant. Not only does it help with lactation but is also used during pregnancy as an aid in delivery.


Popularly used in North America and Australia, it is also a potent source of Vitamin A, C, and E.


Cultivated in US and countries in southern Europe and Asia, it can also be used as a flavoring agent, an insect repellant as well as remedy for indigestion and diarrhea.

Caraway Seeds:

A very dominant spice – is commonly featured in various savory dishes, especially in the sub-continent region. It is also used as a breath freshener.

These herbs are used in many products that are especially developed for mothers who want to improve their breast milk production. Herbal tea is one of such products.

While herbal teas with such herbs can be effective in improving healthy lactation, many mommies are concerned about the caffeine content and its potentially negative impact. The good thing about herbal teas for lactation is that most of them are made caffeine free.

Many research studies suggest that having a healthy diet, sleeping well and intake of herbs have helped in improving the breast milk production for mothers. Teas that have herbs like caraway seeds, fenugreek or red raspberry leaf are produced to enhance lactation.

However studies also suggest that mothers should also verify if they are not allergic to any herbs used in the tea. Mothers are advised to consult their doctors before including herbal tea in their diet as there is no fixed dose to get during the day.

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