When it comes to hyperthyroidism there are plenty of treatment options available. From allopathic medicines to holistic remedies and even radioactive therapy are amongst the more popular treatments used for this disease. However,if you prefer the natural route, here’s some great advice from our Expert Panel in response to a question posed on the subject:

Question: My hyperthyroidism is out of control, mainly because I skip the medication here and there. I prefer holistic methods and detox at least four times a week.Nothing is working and doctors are recommending radioactive therapy, which I do not want.  Is there anything in the holistic world that works to balance and detoxes hyperthyroidism?

Hello. There are a few natural options that can help manage hyperthyroidism. The first is getting in some activity daily is always recommended. Getting moving – preferably outside where you can receive sunlight and that helpful Vitamin D, is always beneficial. Eating organic fruits and veggies can help. A serving of berries and raw greens such as broccoli, cabbage, kale or cauliflower every day can help decrease the amount of thyroid hormone produced. If you are not eating a diet full of
fresh fruit and veggies, I do recommend a multivitamin such as the Buddha’s Herbs Complete Multivitamin for Adults.

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