Do you feel low on energy half way through your day? Well, worry not, many people face the same dilemma day in and day out. Luckily, there are a lot of simple things you can do with your routine and eating habits to keep energized throughout the day.

Lack of energy can have a profound impact on your health and productivity. Most of us find ourselves surrendering to our daily burdens but have you ever wondered how much more you could get done if you had the energy?

The question is, how can we achieve all this and stay energized during and after work as well? Here are some tried and tested tricks that can keep you charged up throughout the day till you hit the bed.


As soon as your alarm goes off, the first thing you should remember is that the extra few minutes of sleep after hitting the snooze button won’t bring you much benefit. Instead, use those extra minutes to do some breathing and stretching exercises and have a glass of water before you hit the shower. An ideal scenario would be to do some aerobics/yoga, jog/run and do some push-ups/crunches.

To start off well, it is essential to have a healthy breakfast (bigger than lunch). This fuels up your body to function more efficiently in the morning. Some studies also suggest that wearing bright color clothes and dressing up smartly may help you feel good for the whole day.

Instead of waiting for lunch break at work, it is better to get off your chair stretch a little, have some berries, chit chat with colleagues, play scrabble online or even sing a song as long as your office environment allows you to do it! But make sure this break doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. It is generally recommended that you get up from your seat at least once every hour.


Most people become less efficient after lunch till the evening because of having a heavy lunch. For lunch, the best deal would be to go easy on fat and carbs. An ideal combo of fish and salad will boost alertness. Avoid having alcohol during lunch and try to take out 5 minutes for a walk outside the office that will lift your mood back again.

After lunch make sure your mood and energy levels don’t decrease by giving yourself a lively environment. Whether it’s sitting in the right posture, snacking on some nuts or fruits, listening to your favorite music alongside or having a cup of tea, you need to make sure that your performance keeps getting better as the day progresses.


Since staying more efficient and productive at work throughout the day will help you get off early, it is equally important that you get done with all other activities within time to get an early good night sleep. You can either hit the gym and do some cardio or start playing any sport after work. This will lighten up your mood and also keep you active.

To end your day it is important that you spend it with people who make you happy. It could be hanging out with old buddies, going on a date or simply staying at home with your family. Make sure that you have a good time outside work and avoid any environment that gives you stress.

There are also a few more tips that you need to keep in mind along the day:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid late sittings at work
  • Have a good laugh with friends/family
  • Go to a mall or a movie
  • Wake up at the same time everyday
  • Stay close to nature
  • Go easy on caffeine (1 cup of coffee a day)
  • Stay optimistic
  • No energy drinks
  • Keep yourself organized
  • Get a massage on your off day
  • Give yourself a one-day vacation on any one Sunday of the month

Hopefully you’ll be able to keep yourself vitalized throughout the day using these tips. Have you got any neat tips and tricks that help you stay focused and energized throughout the day? If so, let us know in the comments!

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