Chamomile Tea is one of the top most Herbal Teas in the market today. Hailing from the “daisy” family, the herb known as “Chamomile” has been used for treating various health related problems over the course of many centuries. Today, this age old herbal remedy is being combined with modern science to produce highly effective herbal tea which has resulted in increased popularity of the herb all around the World.

How Chamomile Tea Works

“Chamomile” refers to a group of daisy-like plants. However, two types of chamomile are used in particular for good health purposes; German (known as Matricaria refutica) and Roman (known as Chamaemelum nobile). Over the course of time both these types of herbs have been tested and studied by health practitioners and scientists to understand mother nature’s miracles vested inside the herb. Researchers have discovered the active ingredient in Chamomile known as “Bisabolol” which is primarily responsible for its beneficial properties. Both fresh and dried chamomile can be used to prepare herbal tea although chamomile is also widely consumed in the form of dried flower heads, tinctures concentrated in alcohol as well as creams and ointments.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea - Infographic

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