Prevention is better than cure – Illnesses can be treated in several ways, but wouldn’t it be better if you wouldn’t fall sick to begin with? There are ways to improve your immune system that may not be effective each time but do go a long way in shielding your body against ‘bugs’.

1). Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking is not only linked to fatal heart-related diseases, bronchitis and cancer, but is also a major reason for the immune system becoming weak, leaving you more vulnerable to other sicknesses.

Smoking affects the antibodies whose purpose is to fight bacteria, which increase the risk of common ailments like flu. However, if you quit smoking, those antibodies start coming back, leading to stronger immune defences.

Not only does excessive alcohol consumption aid in weight gain but it also damages the body’s natural defences and makes you more susceptible to lung diseases. Avoiding alcohol, especially during sickness, can go a long way for the immune system.

2). Eat more garlic

Famous for treating various sicknesses, garlic also helps in boosting the immune system by stimulating immune cells and maintaining levels of cytokines – chemicals that help immune system function and send signals.

Start making garlic powder or chopped garlic a part of your meals. However, for maximum benefit and effect, you would need to consume three big cloves each day. If that isn’t possible, then garlic supplements or capsules would work too.

3). Butt up

Exercising increases endorphins in the body, which trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduce the perception of pain. But this isn’t it. Exercising also helps in flushing out bacteria from our systems. It activates the white blood cells and antibodies, which in turn helps in detecting illnesses in its early stage.

If you are someone who has zero motivation or will to go to the gym, then light-intensity exercises should do too. Head out for a hike, walk to work or go for ice skating during the winter. These activities aren’t too intense but something is better than nothing for us lazy bums.

4). Drink immune boosting teas

Green tea, black tea and chamomile tea are loaded with powerful antioxidants which have proved to strengthen the immune system for years now.

To split it up, you could have green tea in the morning paired with some honey (try to cut back on sugar) and some good ol’ chamomile or mint tea at night.

Green tea contains a chemical called catechins, which kills bacteria and viruses like the influenza virus.

Chamomile tea is recognized for its soothing properties. It’s the perfect drink for night time since it makes you feel sleepy. Chamomile contains chemical compounds that can increase the white blood cells count in the body, which fight bacteria, viruses, etc.

If you’re not a tea-lover, then do not worry. We’ve got a solution for you: green tea extract! These are supplements that compensate for the lack of green tea in your body and serve the same purpose of killing bacteria.

5). Increase intake of fruits and vegetables

A few fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin, help in preventing illnesses like flu, cold, and other common ailments.

Fruits like kiwi, strawberries and papaya and vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and other green leafs are great for strengthening our immune system.

6). Add ginger and turmeric to your diet

Apart from helping with nausea, ginger contains several antiviral compounds that reduce the risk of common cold-causing viruses.

Supplements provide the most effective dose but you could add ginger to tea or meals as well.

Turmeric, on the other hand, has been used for medicinal purposes since decades. It’s known for its immune boosting characteristics – used mostly during cold and sore throats, coupled with honey, for an extra soothing effect.

Just like ginger, turmeric supplements deliver a better result as compared to it being raw. However, it can be used to spice food up and to add favour also.

If you want to make life simpler, here’s a tea that contains both the magic ingredients together. This organic turmeric and ginger tea has worked like a charm for everyone who has tried it. Make sure you give it a shot too.

7). Get adequate sleep

Sleeping less makes you and your immune system feel tired. Sleep deprivation increases the hormone cortisol, over-boost of which destroys the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to viruses such as a cold.

Research has proven that lack of sleep slows down recovery. Listen to your doctor when she says you should rest when you are sick.

These are seven natural remedies that will go a long way towards a better and stronger immune system and waive off seasonal sickness. Let us know if these work for you and if you have any other secrets of guarding yourself from the bugs. We’d love to share them with other readers.

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