America’s most popular herbal product, green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest natural drinks. The internet is literally soaring with all kinds of information regarding the benefits of green tea-from it being a rich source of antioxidants to its ability to fight off cancer and heart diseases. While everybody knows the basics about green tea, there are some lesser known benefits that further strengthen the case for green tea.

Green Tea for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Not many people are aware of this but the fact of the matter is that green tea can actually lead to healthier teeth and gums. A study conducted in 2009 concluded that test subjects that were given green tea for a certain period of time showed signs of much healthier gums. In fact, according to the study, the impact of regular consumption of green tea is actually quite evident with regards to decreasing indicators of periodontal disease which may lead to bleeding of gum tissues. Similarly, green tea helps prevent tooth erosion consequently leading to better quality sustained teeth.

Green Tea for Increased Brain Activity

One of the most interesting findings with green tea has been with regards to its impact on preserving brain power. Once again, this has been a subject to extensive study the results of which proved that subjects that consumed regular green tea showed the least signs of weakened brain function in comparison to others. According to the 2006 study individuals that consume green tea about six times a week were 38% less likely to display signs of cognitive impairment in comparison to others that consumed little to no green tea.

Green Tea for Stroke Prevention

Everybody knows green tea is beneficial for the heart but did you know that it can actually play a significant role in stroke prevention. Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States and according to the 2009 study, consuming green tea on a regular basis actually cuts down your risk of suffering from a stroke. According to that study regular consumption of green tea actually reduces stroke risk by over 21%.

Green Tea for Flu & Herpes

Flu and herpes make up for two of the most common viruses that we experience and little did you know that drinking green tea can actually help you counter both these viruses. Being rich in antioxidants, green tea actually helps strengthen the body’s immune system and thereby inhibits these viruses in their earliest stages.

Green Tea for Bone Health

Once again, this is perhaps one of the least known benefits of green tea as not many people are aware of green tea’s ability to stimulate the production of bone cells and increase bone density. In fact, according to the studies conducted with regards to green tea’s impact on bone health, it was actually discovered that green tea has the power to help avoid hip fractures.

So there you have it, some of the lesser known benefits of green tea that further strengthen the case for making this nature’s miracle a part of your daily diet! Have you experienced any other benefits of green tea? Let us know in the comments! 

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