We know that the liver is the largest and perhaps the most resilient organ in the human body. If the liver doesn’t function properly then our body’s metabolism stops working properly and nutrients are not processed. Most of us are unaware of how can we take care of our liver.

Since it’s such a vital organ, we feel obliged to inform you about things that can damage your liver. At the same time it’s important to know the things that improve your liver’s functionality. This blog will provide you concise information on both.

Harmful Helpful
Alcohol – The most common reason behind liver problems. Excessive drinking can permanently divert the liver from its primary function which results in lack of glucose supply. Garlic – It contains powerful antioxidants that can improve the overall health of your liver. It also contains the amino acid which relaxes your blood vessels.
Excess Salt – Not only does high salt intake increases blood pressure but also leads to fatty liver disease. Onions – They act as a detoxifier (i.e. they help in removing toxins from the body) and boost the strength of the liver.
Junk Food – Having too much of it can significantly increase enzyme ALT that can cause hepatitis. Lemons – Having lemon or lemon water lessens inflammation and oxidation in the liver.
Overuse of Medication – Having too many antibiotics or drugs containing acetaminophen is the most common factor behind acute liver failure. Apples – A glass of fresh apple juice can increase the rate of flushing out toxins as well as cleanse your liver.
Obesity – The excess amount of body fat created in obesity gathers around the liver. This is known as fatty liver disease. Beetroots – It ensures the consistency of Betaine (a substance that helps liver cell to flush out toxins). It is a high antioxidant vegetable which also has Pectin that helps in cleaning toxins that are removed from the liver.
High sugar intake – It’s a known fact the having too much sugar causes Diabetes. Studies show having diabetes increases the chances of liver disease by 50% Artichoke – Not only do they reduce cholesterol but also enhance the performance of your liver and act as its guard.





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