This month is all about love and celebrating it. Love for our significant other, our family, and our friends. It’s about cherishing and appreciating the beautiful relationships in our lives and making them realize that they are important to us. But one relationship that is often forgotten, or even neglected is the relationship that we have with our own hearts and bodies.

Day in and day out, we fill our bodies with unhealthy food and fuel our minds with negative thoughts. We work ourselves to the point that we feel drained and exhausted. We forget that one can’t pour from an empty cup. If our bodies are not nourished, cherished, and celebrated, it won’t take long before it starts to take a toll on everything else, including our relationships with those around us. Therefore, the most important relationship that we should be taking care of this year is the one we have with ourselves. So do your heart and body a favor this year, and change up some habits to see quick results.

Wake up early

Getting out of bed earlier is a great way to start your day. Not only does it increase your productivity throughout the rest of the day, but it also improves mental alertness. Rising early is linked to a more positive outlook, better grades, and work performance. It also instills self-discipline and greater will power. Waking up early will provide you with ample time to have a healthy breakfast, get in a morning jog, and get dressed for work without having to rush out the door every day to avoid getting late. It will also help reduce stress levels and result in a calm and organized routine. So set your alarm for 6 a.m. and see your physical and mental health change drastically.

Get moving

Try to get in a 30-40 minute workout at least 3 times a week. Exercising regularly will help keep many diseases at bay, especially those related to the heart as it strengthens the heart muscles and removes fat deposits in the arteries. It also helps to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones, keeping your mood and spirits high throughout the rest of the day. It will give you a boost of energy, making you productive, and also increase your problem-solving ability. It helps to reduce excess weight, strengthens the bones, and improves your immune system.

Write a journal

We’ve all tried to keep a daily diary at one point in our lives but failed to keep up to it. Well most of us. We were encouraged by our parents and teachers, and rightly so. Writing a journal is one of the top habits of successful people. Not only does it help you keep your thoughts organized, but it is also a great way to release stress. It helps you pen down your ideas on the go, inspiring creativity. It allows you to self reflect, boosting your memory. It also helps you to write down your goals, and track the progress you make in achieving them. So give it a try. You don’t have to go by the book. Write anything and everything. What you’re grateful for, what you want to achieve. Anything. Just start writing.

Fill your cup

Literally. Fill it up with nutritious and delicious tea, be it herbal tea or green tea. Herbal teas are loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory components. And they’re great for your heart! Especially hibiscus, ginger, and ginseng tea. They help lower blood pressure and fat deposits in the arteries that may otherwise cause strokes or heart attack. Green tea is also a great option if one is looking to improve heart or even overall health. The general idea is to reach for options that improve your body’s immunity and well-being, instead of deteriorating it.

Eat healthy

This point is a general continuation of the previous one. Mindful eating is extremely important and a great way to keep your health in check. This does not mean that one has to eat boring or bland food. There are many quick, easy, yet delicious recipes for healthy food options. While it’s easy to reach for processed and fast food items, loving yourself and your body requires that we consume that which fuels it positively. So learn to cook healthy food for yourself and consume only that which is wholesome and healthy.

Summing up, loving ourselves, our hearts and our bodies should be our first and utmost priority this year. If we are healthy and happy, only then can we be part of healthy and thriving relationships. Put yourself before everything and everyone because everything else can wait.

So do yourself a favor, and love yourself a little more this year.


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