With snowflakes and glittery ornaments covering the streets, an air of festivity uniting us as one and the warmth of family feasts lighting our spirits and lives; the blessed Christmas season is upon us.

As you rejoice with family and friends, we know that Christmas is not complete without the aroma of tea brewing in the home.

There is no better way to deepen the bonds of love and friendship than enjoying a cup of soothing chamomile or delectable peppermint tea in front of a blazing fireplace. To enjoy some tasty and healthy teas this Christmas, Buddha’s Herbs is pleased to announce its biggest sale of the year!

Now you can get 30% off on all our products with a purchase of any 2 of your favourites!

We welcome you to explore our range of exotic herbal teas that will provide you and your loved ones with savoury and nutritious beverages to relish together this Christmas:


  1. Calm Herba Tea:

A blend of passionflower, peppermint leaves, lavender flower and lemon balm leaves is the most potent calming agent known to man. The Calm Herba tea is a powerhouse of anti-stress, anti-cancerous,anti-cancerous, heart healthy and sleep-inducing agents that help you relax and unwind with a palatable cup of tea.


  1. Herbal Fruit Tea:

The finest gift that mother nature has to offer; our Herbal Fruit tea contains 6 exquisite blends of all-natural herbs, nutritious fruits and essential minerals that suit every possible taste palate. Just one bag offers you:

  1. Fruit tea with citrus and mint – containing apples, peppermint, rosehip fruits and hibiscus blossoms, spearmint leaves, orange, lime, lemongrass and lemon.
  2. Fruit tea with strawberries –comes with chokeberries, apples, wild strawberries, rosehip fruits and hibiscus blossoms.
  3. Fruit tea with raspberries – combining rosehip fruits, raspberries, apples, hibiscus blossoms and elderberries.
  4. Fruit tea with cranberries and apples – containing cranberries, rosehip fruits, raspberries, blackberry leaves, hibiscus blossoms and chicory fruits.
  5. Fruit tea with cinnamon and apples – containing a timeless blend of cinnamon bark, apples, chicory root, blackberry leaves, hibiscus blossoms and rosehip fruits.
  6. Mix fruit tea – containing savoury chokeberries, rosehip fruits, apples, orange peel, elderberries and hibiscus blossoms.

This powerhouse of medicinal herbs, minerals and vitamins is ideal to ensure the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul.

  1. Dandelion Root Tea:

A blend of dandelion root, lemon balm leaves and burdock roots, dandelion root tea is ideal for weight loss, cancer prevention, strengthening of bones, lowering of blood pressure and improving liver function.


  1. Heart Tea:

An intense combination of lavender flowers, chokeberry fruits, parsley leaves, oregano, java tea leaves and lemon balm leaves. Our Heart tea is a savory source of heart health as it contains antiseptic properties, is useful in regulating blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular ailments as well as general inflammation and is packed with essential minerals and vitamins A and C.


  1. Milky Cloud Tea:

A tea created specifically for lactating mothers, the peppery and zesty Milky Cloud tea contains a blend of herbs by Buddha’s Herbs in addition to sweet fennel which helps reduce morning sickness. It also contains anise fruits, caraway seeds and lemon-balm leaves that are known to promote heart health, chop down unnecessary fat and improve digestion.


  1. Organic Chamomile Tea:

Heavenly chamomile is a tea-lover’s favourite. It’s an age-old medicinal herb known to cure a wide array of ailments. It is extremely effective in preventing diabetes and cancer, treating osteoporosis, insomnia and menstrual cramps, reducing inflammation, calming nerves and alleviating anxiety.


  1. Organic Peppermint Tea:

This flavoursome beverage is known to boost immunity and digestion, treat fever and respiratory disorders, relieve stress and shed unwanted body fat.


  1. Raspberry Leaf Tea:

Raspberry is not only packed with mounds of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants but also has potent medicinal qualities. It treats inflammation, prevents cancer and is vital to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.


  1. St. John’s Wort Tea:

Categorised among the most effective calming agents, a hot cup of St. John’s Wort tea does much more than set the mood for a good conversation. The reason for this is that it has been found to reduce depression, anxiety as well as stress.


  1. Organic Turmeric and Ginger:

Combining the flavour and merits of turmeric and ginger, this tea is ideal for boosting immunity and cognition. It also improves heart health and digestion, manages diabetes, prevents cancer and gives your skin a radiant glow.


Our products are the perfect blend of taste, health and happiness! So, don’t miss out on the sale and order now!

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