Influenza, flu or the common cold is one of the most common ailments in not just the United States but also the world over. Yet, it is surprisingly one of the diseases that still do not have a typical allopathic treatment and most patients, to this day, rely on herbal remedies to beat the flu.

The first and most essential part in the fight against the flu remains the body’s hydration levels. The influenza virus is known to cause chest congestion, excessive mucus production and respiratory problems, all of which call for the consumption of at least 12-15 glasses of water a day.

While nothing can cover the need for proper body hydration like water, the consumption of hot beverages is just as important when a person is suffering from the flu. Nothing can beat herbal teas in that department.

Known for their therapeutic and soothing qualities, green tea and chamomile tea should be consumed at least five to ten times a day during bouts of influenza. Our special green tea blend, which has peppermint and thyme infusions, is almost the perfect combination and a must try.

Similarly, soup and broths are also a great addition to our regular diets when the influenza virus camps out in the body. The nutrients and energy derived from chicken bones is unmatched and provides the body essential fuel to combat the virus.

Another natural remedy, which is also one of the most widely used ones in the US, is Echinacea. Considered by many to be a wonder herb, it was used extensively by Native Americans to treat a host of infections, including the common flu, and when used along with elderberry extract, which is also used to prepare a special tea that targets influenza-causing bacteria, the effects of the virus are largely mitigated.

Andrographis, an ayurvedic herb historically used in India, is also a proven remedy for respiratory infections and sinusitis. Studies have shown that the herb also helps reduce the symptoms of coughs, sore throats, headache and fever, making it just what the doctor ordered.

Known for its ‘antiviral’ properties and strong bitter taste, boneset is a herb known for properties that help reduce mucus production and increases digestion of toxins. It is recommended by herbalists the world over, along with ginger root, another important component of traditional medicine that has been used in the Arabian peninsula for thousands of years.

While the main property of ginger root is its warming nature, oil of oregano is said to be another powerful antiviral and antibiotic that should be taken during flu bouts, albeit in very dilute quantities. Similar is the case with apple cider vinegar, which is said to be extremely potent in the fight against the flu, as it help kill all infection-feeding yeast by increasing alkalinity of the body.

Thus, in essence, though the fight against the flu or common cold will continue for years to come, at least now we know that there are several natural ways to overcome the virus. Hopefully, you will fall prey to the flu but, if you do, make sure to call for Mother Nature’s help; she rarely disappoints!

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