Known for increasing energy and overall immunity, Panax Ginseng holds benefits for both Men & Women. This video tells you about all the benefits Ginseng can give you.

Ginseng is often referred to as the best natural hack for General well-being because it affects many different systems of the body in a good way.

Here’s a Fun fact: Panax Ginseng translates from the Chinese term Renshen which means Man Root because it resembles a man’s legs.

Ginseng Consists of more than 36 different types of Ginsenosides and can only be used as a medicine if grown for at least 6 years.

Types of Cultivated Ginseng:
  • Asian/Panax Ginseng (White)
  • Asian/Panax Ginseng (Red)
  • American Ginseng
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Indian Ginseng
  • Brazilian Ginseng
What good is Ginseng?
  • It fights Viral Infections – Research has shown that Ginseng may have the ability to act as an “adaptogen” prolonging life by combating viral infections such as a cold or a flu
  • Reduces Stress – Ginseng is used to both stimulate and relax the nervous system and increase capillary circulation in the brain to decrease the effects of Stress.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol – Panax Ginseng has been shown to lower blood levels of both Sugar and Cholesterol, therefore it may help treat Type-2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol.
  • Physical and Mental Performance – People who take ginseng feel more alert. Asian ginseng helps improve mental performance, concentration memory and other measures.
  • Fights against Cancer – Studies suggest that Asian Ginseng may reduce the risk of some types of Cancers. Women have traditionally used Panax Ginseng to help with Breast Cancer and prevent ovarian cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.
  • Men popularly use Panax Ginseng to aid in erectile dysfunction. Ginseng helps increase sperm count as well as motility.
About Buddha’s Herbs Premium Panax Ginseng Capsules:

Buddha’s Herbs Panax Ginseng is one of the best Ginseng supplements in the market. Each Vegetable capsule contains 10% Ginsenosides which is a bioactive factor that plays an important role in the overall well-being of the body.

Panax Ginseng Benefits for Men & Women

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