Preparing for the winter season

As the night-time breeze suddenly feels a little chilly we begin to realize that autumn is readying to welcome its guest; winter. Winter is a magical season and brings with it the promise of cosy nights in front of the fireplace, with hot chocolate and an interesting book to keep you company. However, the winter months can take a toll on your skin, making it dry, flaky and chapped. This means that our skin regimen must now change and focus more towards moisturizing and hydrating.

Follow these few tips to make sure you can up your game and prep your skin for the coming season!

Take a notch up with your moisturizer

While the summer days require only a thin layer of lightweight lotion to keep your skin hydrated, the harsh winter breeze can make your skin feel dry and tight. This means that you now need to switch to either a rich moisturizer or cream. While choosing your winter go-to cream, make sure to read the label of the product and look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts and natural humectants, like glycerin, aloe and honey, which help to keep your skin feeling moisturized and hydrated.

Rub that dead skin off!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate. It helps to bring back the summer glow by helping to remove dead skin cells and allowing the skin to absorb the moisturizers more quickly. It also helps to get the blood circulating, making your skin look fresh and radiant that would otherwise look dull and dry during the winters. Exfoliating twice a week will do just the trick.

Shorter showers

When it’s so cold out, a long hot shower or bath seems like the perfect idea. Not. Exposing your skin to hot water results in sapping moisture and natural oils out of it, making it dry and flaky. Try to limit these long baths to once or twice a week and opt for lukewarm water on most of the times. And don’t forget to moisturize right after you get out of the shower. This ensures to keep the moisture packed in the skin.

Plump those lips

The lips are usually the most affected by a change in the season. Chapped, dry and flaky lips can immediately put a damper on your makeup routine, which is why it’s important to pay extra care to them. Keep them hydrated by keeping a lip balm handy at all times, reapplying several times a day. Another way to keep them soft and plump is to try a homemade scrub made with sugar and honey. Rub them on the lips once a day followed by a lip balm.

Don’t ditch the sunscreen

A mistake many people make is to stop using sunscreen once winter rolls around, thinking that since the sun is not out as much they don’t need the SPF protection. That’s not true at all, you need sunscreen just as much during winters if not more! You are still susceptible to UV ray exposure and sun damage during winter and it’s important to continue using sunscreen to protect your skin from damage.


Invest in a humidifier for the winter season as it has lots of benefits. Keeping a humidifier in your house means preventing early aging, dry and dull skin as the skin will remain soft and hydrated. Not only does it keep the dry winter air moist which helps to keep the skin from drying out and getting flaky, but it also helps to reduce risk of infections as viruses and bacteria can’t travel as well in moist air.

Whip up some DIYs

At home skin care remedies are another way to go about taking care if your skin if it’s sensitive and acts up because of the slightest use of cosmetic products. One such DIY is orange and coconut whipped body butter. It can be made easily by mixing solidified coconut oil, shea butter, sweetened almond oil and orange essential oil. Not only does it work wonders, but it smells divine! Another DIY that is an all-time favorite is a honey mask that can be used weekly. Mix together honey, vitamin E oil and a little bit of avocado and apply once a week for 15-20 minutes. You can thank us later.

Winter is a season of holidays, which means it brings with it a certain amount of stress, as routines change and our bodies are adapting. At the same time, it’s all about food and binging. This often takes a toll on our bodies as we get slack about monitoring what goes into our bodies. The extra sugar and fat from all the delicious food we’re eating during the holidays can result in acne breakouts and agitated skin. Taking out some time to ensure following the aforementioned tips will ensure smooth sailing through the winter months and the holiday season!

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