If you’re even remotely interested in weight loss supplements, it is absolutely essential that you are armed with the right knowledge- so let’s dive right into it.

Weight loss supplements can generally be split into two categories. On one side you have your prescription based pills which are generally prescribed by doctors for severe cases of obesity. On the other side you have the non-prescription pills which are generally herbal supplements available over the counter or online.

I know, I know, the real question on your mind is “Do any of them really work!” Well, we did the research for you and presented below are the various weight loss supplements you’d be able to find in the market along with their claims, effectiveness and potential side effects!

General Suggestions for Using Weight Loss Pills

While the above information gives you the low down on the different weight loss supplements that are going around in the market, below are some general suggestions you should also acknowledge.

  • Be aware that the vast majority of products sold as diet supplements are not regulated by the FDA.
  • Look for United States Pharmacopeia (USP) seal or Consumer Lab Testing Verification
  • Be sure to ask your doctor about taking weight loss supplements before you use them.
  • Avoid products with excessive levels of caffeine
Buddha’s Herbs Products for Weight Loss

Here at Buddha’s Herbs we take weight loss very seriously! That’s why we’re committed to producing safe and effective weight loss products that meet our customer’s requirements. You don’t have to take our word for it though, check out what our customers have to say by visiting our range of weight loss products displayed below:

  1. Buddha’s Herbs Wings Tea
    Refreshing Spicy Green Tea blended with Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass and Cardamom.
  2. Green Tea with Herbs
    Contains Green Tea 60 %, Organic Chamomile Flowers 16%, Organic Thyme Herbs 16 %, Organic Peppermint Leaves 8%
  3. Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract
    Each veg cap contains 85 to 90 % Catechins and 50 percent EGCG. Provides powerful antioxidant and weight loss support and promotes healthy cell growth.
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