Raspberry Leaf Tea, prepared from the dried and crushed leaves of the raspberry plant, has been consumed for hundreds of years during pregnancies to induce labor and ease childbirth. Although hailed as “the woman’s herb”, raspberry plant leaves are not advantageous to pregnant females alone, possessing a host of other health benefits due to their excellent nutrient profile for men and women alike. This includes helping people conceive in the first place! In addition, Raspberry leaf tea is a great source of vitamins and minerals essential for health including calcium, magnesium, niacin, zinc, potassium, iron, manganese and vitamins B1, B2, B3, A, C, and E. So if you are trying to get pregnant, why resort to over-the-counter fertility pills with possible side effects when there is a much healthier and safer alternative available?

The tea (despite not tasting like raspberries) is quite delicious and its nutrient-rich, caffeine-free contents make it a nourishing beverage to incorporate into your daily intake. Let’s look at the science behind what makes it a highly effective and natural fertility boosting food for both men and women.

Regulating Your Hormones

Did you know that toxic chemicals in our surroundings enter our bodies and obstruct the performance of the endocrine system which produces and manages our hormones? This may be possibly impairing our reproductive abilities. For men, food additives and non-organic dairy products containing estrogen can adversely impact their fertility. Compounds such as B Vitamins and calcium found in raspberry leaves give it hormone-regulating properties. Regular consumption of the tea can prevent imbalances as it facilitates the detoxification of hormone excesses and enhances levels of testosterone in males.

In addition to eliminating toxins from the body that might inhibit conception, women with reproductive conditions such as PCOS which involve missed periods along with hormonal imbalances have discovered that consumption of raspberry leaf tea can make menstrual cycles more regular and help them get pregnant.

Improving levels of Magnesium and Potassium

Deficiencies of these minerals in males and females can lower levels of fertility. As mentioned earlier, raspberry leaf tea contains potassium and magnesium, both of which are closely linked to fertility. Potassium is an essential nutrient found in seminal fluid in men while some research suggests that ovarian cysts in women may potentially be due to inadequate levels of potassium in the body. Magnesium can prevent spasms in the fallopian tubes of females to facilitate egg implantation and it is also vital to the growth of the fetus. Where one would need to seek medical help to correct deficiencies of these minerals, raspberry leaf tea can enhance the levels of these important minerals in the body and allow men and women get to the peak of their fertility with recurring usage.

Toning the Reproductive Systems

Raspberry leaf tea boasts a wide range of benefits for female health. The tea’s incredibly nourishing compounds help strengthen the reproductive system in women. One of its constituents is an alkaloid named fragrine which serves as a tonic and helps strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region. Uterine weakness can often lead to miscarriage so when trying to get pregnant, this tea is the one for you. It aids in promoting uterine health by making the uterine wall stronger which encourages egg implantation and lowers the risk of a miscarriage. Drinking raspberry leaf tea also extends the luteal phase (the period in which fertilization and implantation occur) which enhances the probability of conceiving.

Raspberry leaf tea also assists in toning the male reproductive system and improves overall prostate health. The calcium compound found in the tea can also help quicken the movement of the sperm to the egg thus improving chances of getting pregnant.

Improves Egg Quality and Prepares the Body for Pregnancy

Poor quality of eggs is one of the leading causes of infertility in females. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, the raspberry leaf tea is very nourishing, promotes overall health which can enhance nutrition levels and support the body to become pregnancy-ready. Allowing sufficient nutrient stores to build up prior to conceiving can increase the likelihood of a full-term and fit pregnancy.

A Small Cautionary Word

Despite all its benefits, it is best to consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedy as it may not yield as fruitful results for everyone. It may be best for women to drink raspberry leaf tea a couple months before trying to conceive and avoid its consumption once pregnant, especially during the first trimester. This is because of its ability to induce labor which could possibly result in miscarriages.

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