As part of our commitment towards a healthier and happier YOU, we launched our “Ask our Expert Panel” service. You get to ask your burning health related questions and we get our expert panel of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Professionals to give you the best advice possible!

The following questions was asked by one of our customers and answered by renowned Nutritionist Tanya Savage.

Question: I have a very bad leaking bladder. As I get up from sitting the urine flows. I’m 84 years there anything I can take to help stop this problem? Thanks

Hello, Kegals is always the first recommendation for weak pelvic muscles and doing 50 squeezes multiple times a day will help strengthen those muscles to help control a weak bladder. Making sure you are drinking plenty of fresh, clean water to help prevent any bladder irritation caused by being dehydrated. Switching coffee for an herbal tea can help also. Caffeine stimulates bladder muscles and increases feelings of urgency. Buddha’s Herbs Organic Chamomile Tea is a good substitute.

Good Luck!

Tanya Savage

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