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Oh how we love it when people rave about our products! Here are just a few reviews from various Health Experts to give you more reasons as to why you should consider Buddha’s Herbs products.

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Megan Sturgis from CorePower Yoga on Buddha’s Herbs Tea Blends

“Providing Buddha’s Herbs tea blends to my students and staff allows them to share a healthy, comforting beverage together which assists in building a stronger community around the studio…”

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Brian Oh tries out our Tea Sampler

“When I discovered the Wings tea and their Green Tea with herbs I found two teas had the anti-oxidants, and light caffeine I am looking for from drinking Green Tea, but the taste is delicious.”

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Ben Dragavon on Buddha’s Herbs St. John Wort’s Tea

“I notice the St. John’s Wort tea is calming to drink and smell, and I not only drink it but offer it to my clients as well. It definitely helps in creating a calm and happy mood around the training facility.”

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Sean McCormick of Float Seattle on Buddha’s Herbs

“I started taking the green tea extract, the green coffee bean extract, and have definitely notice that I’m metabolizing my food and liquids clearer and cleaner.”

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Everybody’s loving Buddha’s Herbs at Hauteyoga and Shefayoga!

“The Wings tea is out at Shefayoga, our hot yoga studio in Seattle and the students love to drink the tea after class to continue feeling balanced and hydrated.”

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Buddha’s Herbs Wings Tea Reviewed By Tanya Savage

“It was really good! I figured the herbal benefits of the warming herbs – cinnamon, cardamon and ginger would be stimulating and favorable.”

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Brooke R. Weitz Reviews Buddha’s Herbs Products

“The formulations are simple and effective and dosing is convenient, allowing for compliance. The amount of product used is measured to a therapeutic level for optimum results.”

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Lynda Lippin reviews Buddha’s Herbs Fish Oil Mega Omega-3

“The capsules are smaller than many drugstore fish oils of lower potency, there is no fishy odor, and they do not add lemon to cover the smell. Safe and effective!”

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Mark Sherwood on Buddha’s Herbs St. John’s Wort Tea

“I must say the tea was extremely smooth and certainly had a pleasing aroma. Most importantly, I did indeed experience a more relaxed sensation after consuming a cup.”

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Susan Bewley Reviews Our Range Of Herbal Teas For Budget Earth!

“While I am normally not a huge fan of herbal tea, I have to say I was impressed with Buddha’s Herbs selection of herbal teas and the quality of the teas themselves”

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Chamomile Tea reviewed by a very Picky Tea Drinker!

“I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve never tried this brand before but as soon as I had it I knew my mind was going to change. It looks smells and tastes absolutely amazing!”

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