During the cold season, it is essential that the fruit tea recipes you use are warm. In this case, you need to have a tea punch that is more oxidized. The best examples of the teas that are more oxidized and give you warm feeling have been noted down for you. These teas are the best ones you can have to keep your body warm in the cold weather!

Ginger Tea

There are many benefits of having ginger tea, in any weather, but the winters give ginger tea an extra taste and comfort. Having raw ginger can do well sometimes, but having warm tea in a cold weather would be a smart thing to do. To give it flavor and to add more nutrients to your tea you can always add beneficial herbs!

One of the very special things about making ginger tea is that you can use the ginger fresh. Unlike other herbs that have to be dried and grounded before they can be used to make tea, ginger can be used fresh in making ginger tea. Moreover, there are different varieties of gingers that can be used according to the ailment you want to treat or the flavor you like.

The winter season is known for bringing out our worst infections and illnesses which mainly include cold and flu. These illnesses can be tough to avoid because almost everyone is suffering from them and even if you have less people surrounding you who have flu, you can always catch a cold if you are exposed to the wind.  Drinking ginger tea and ginger detox is a great way to prevent the onset of these illnesses, or if you have become a target of these illnesses, you can always overcome them by having ginger tea and honey twice or thrice a day. Ginger tea benefits also include it being an antimicrobial and a natural system booster.

Ginger drink encourages sweat and that is the main reason it is helpful in colds and flu, because it warms up the body. It is difficult for people to sweat in the cold weather without a rigorous exercise and that becomes a reason why people are less resistant to infections and diseases in winters. Having ginger tea often expels your toxins and pathogens from your body.

Mint tea

Peppermint tea is the perfect tea for your winters’ headaches and insect bites. It is known to give you a relaxing effect for your bloating problems. All you need to do is store a few bags of mint tea in your kitchen cabinet for your winter days.

Studies have shown that mint tea detox increases concentration compared to any other tea. A study was conducted at Northumbria University in the U.K. regarding tea and mint.  A number of people were given mint tea, chamomile tea and hot water, and were asked to carry on with their work.  It was noticed that mint tea drinkers had a better level of concentration than the rest of the people who consumed chamomile tea and hot water. The study showed that mint leaves and tea helps you in concentrating and also helps you develop a better memory than any other herbal drink. It was also observed that mint tea drinkers worked better, more carefully and they were able to remember the information for a longer time compared to others.

Moreover, Lipton mint tea is a better substitute to the caffeinated drinks that you prefer having when you have work load, as it is not caffeinated and it works in a similar way.

Green tea

What you need to do this winter is put aside your coffee mug and stock your kitchen with green tea!  Green tea does not only help you in staying focused and in enhancing your brain connections and processes, but it also helps in storing and processing information in the brain

Green Tea speeds up the liver’s process of converting fat into energy which helps you to lose weight.

It has also been noted that women who drink at least three cups of tea a week have a 17% lower risk of having digestive cancer. Green tea is a world renowned tea for reducing weight and there is no doubt that you always end up gaining weight in the winters because of the endless hunger cravings. There have been studies conducted on animals that have showed green tea provides up to 36% more fat burn if it is paired up with a combination of exercise.

Green tea has a compound EGCG that is found to be able to protect against neurological diseases. Drinking three cups of green tea a day can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 20 percent! And even if it’s not for the heart, have green tea for the beautiful aroma like me!

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