Do you often hear that people who consume coffee have a certain type of personality? But then you’re not a coffee addict; you would choose tea over coffee any second of the day. Does that mean you would never be able to experience how it feels to fall into a certain personality type because of your tea-drinking habits? Interestingly, there are numerous different types of teas that you can enjoy and your tea preference can, in fact, reveal a lot about who you are and the kind of life you may be leading.

Let’s take a further look into the types of teas and the traits that can often be connected back to their drinkers.


Do you often catch yourself leaning towards teas that have a dash or a whole lot of peppermint? You are in fact a true drinker who revels in being in tune with his senses. You value tradition and art and anything that gives you that sense of peace and calm that you require. You greatly value your comfort.

However, peppermint is also a great reliever of anxiety. It may be that even though you are calm most of the times, there are moments that may give you the jitters. In these times, you search for a tea that can revitalise you, and make you feel relaxed when life starts to stress you out. You look for experiences that can soothe your senses and warm your soul. It is essential that you give yourself the moment of self-care that you need.


Frequent drinkers of teas with ginger may look like they are sweet and shy from the outside, but they surprise you once you get to know them. Apart from being exotic and delicious, this combination of flavours is bold and completely out there. The smell of the tea may make you believe it is going to be simple flavours but the fist sip may blow you away – similar to the behaviour of its drinkers.

If you know someone who drinks ginger tea, then be aware that they may be secretly “spicy”. But these people are a force to be reckoned with. They can be the life of the party, yet be there to provide you with a shoulder to lean on, when needed.


Using chamomile in teas has been a years old remedy to reduce anxiety and help its drinker sleep better. In this fast pace life of ours, it is very easy to get caught in it. Without knowing, we tend to over work ourselves. A frequent consumer of chamomile tea is likely to be a workaholic. These people often ignore other parts of their lives to just get as much work done as possible, not realising that the next day would bring in with it just as much work.

Consuming teas rich in chamomile may be beneficial for such people but they should also beware of not over working themselves and taking good care of themselves in every way.

By all means, these teas do not make up who you are, but they do give you some food for thought, right? A lot of your traits shine through very small acts of yours. Actions that you may not even pay much attention to and choosing the kind of tea you drink may be one of the ways.

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