Dating back to the 5th century, people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day, by exchanging cards, gifts, flowers and emotions with loved ones. The best part about this day is that it is not restricted to just your ‘significant other’ or the Christian community. You fall in love with the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times. This day is more than just a subtle reminder to all those friends and loved ones of your affection towards them. So, make it count and cherish the moments.

Here are a few ways of using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to show your loved ones that they are appreciated:

Treat them with a spa date

Everyone deserves a relax-yourself moment. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating or married. Surprise your parents with a spa voucher that’s much needed. Or take your boyfriend out to the spa for a day filled with lots of stress relief and muscle relaxation. Leave massage therapy with not only an improved posture but also with a strengthened body immune system. Now doesn’t that sound tempting?

To make things more interesting and intimate, make your home a spa and treat your significant other with massage vouchers for the day. Guess who the masseuse is?

You could also indulge in meditation or stress relief exercises like yoga for some extra effort at achieving better health – both physical and mental.

Book a table at a trendy restaurant in the city

Take your loved one(s) to their favourite restaurant. Book a table and drive them there without telling them about the destination. Little gestures of these sorts go a long way, so try it out.

Home-cooked meals work too

If you are one of those who would rather spend some quality time alone, without the hustle and bustle of the crowded restaurants and cafes on V-day, then nothing could be more romantic and thoughtful than cooking a meal for your significant other. You could make it as fancy as you’d like, with some candles, chocolates and roses. Breakfast-in-bed is a bonus; waking up to such a cute gesture – who wouldn’t like that? Pair your meal with the all-time famous heart tea and see the magic multiply.

What makes this idea great is that it is easy on the pocket and can be enjoyed with not only ‘the one’, but friends, parents, neighbours, grandparents and even siblings would appreciate such an effort as well.

Make a basket of goodies

This Valentine’s Day, go crazy with buying your loved ones things that they like – chocolates, candies, cards, cookies, muffins, cereals, socks, stationery, flowers, a jar filled with love notes, a teddy bear, and even a to-do list for the day. Add different types of teas, smoothies and other beverages for the extra points.

Try something new

Not everyone particularly cares about Valentine’s Day that much. If you are one of those, who would rather skip the typical roses and champagnes kind of V-day, then we have a few ideas for you. Do something fun – something you have not done before. Roam. Discover. Explore

If you have not gone rock climbing, utilise this day to experience it. Book a hotel, hit the road and enjoy a short vacation. Go for a hike. Do something that excites you, with someone who excites you. Try new things, it will definitely be worth it.

Movie night

Make this a distraction-free day. Ditch other plans, throw your phone in a closet, and be there for the other – physically and mentally. Binge watch a show if you’re being lazy, talk and laugh, cook together, hog on to lots of food, nap – but during it all, give your other-half 100% attention and see how it turns out to be one of the best days.

Even if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day and would rather have your beloved flaunt their love for you all year round, it doesn’t hurt to make them feel extra special this one day. They will not only appreciate the gesture, but it would be a great get away from your busy lives. Try these ways of celebrations and we are sure you will not regret it. Let us know how it goes and if you did something different. We would love to share your unique experiences next time!

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