We all hear that we should exercise, and we all know that it is good for us and should make us feel and function better. But still, most of us tend to not add exercise into our day, and then we feel bad and beat ourselves up for it.

Lucky for all of us, exercise can be easy to fit in! And once you experience the improved energy and mood that results from moving every day you will crave that feeling.

Walk and take stairs

One of the disadvantages of our automated modern lives is that we have machines to do work for us, and two of those major machines are the car (bus, train, etc.) and the elevator/escalator. Basically, we can quickly be carried to where we need to go without moving.

Stop that!

Walk when you can. Maybe get off the subway one stop before your normal stop. Park in the back of the parking lot. Take the stairs even a flight or two instead of the elevator/escalator.

Even 10­ to 15 minutes of extra walking a day will make a difference!

Move Your Spine

I wrote an entire article on spine health and movement. Even if you are sitting at your desk you can move your spine.

Start by rounding down towards your lap, letting your arms and head hang and breathing. Use your abdominal muscles to help lift you back up to a tall sit.

Then lift your arms up to the ceiling and take a deep breath in as you lift your chest and bend backwards just a little.

Bring arms out to the side and take your right arm up to the ceiling and your left arm down towards the floor. Side bend towards the left, stretching your right side. Repeat to other side.

Cross arms in front of chest, and as you inhale twist your head and ribs to the left, exhale to center, and repeat to other side.

Tell me you don’t feel a little better!

Get up off that chair!

Set a mellow timer near your desk, chair, sofa. Set it for every hour, and when it goes off you need to get up and move. Walk around the office or around your apartment, do the spine stretches above, which you can do sitting or standing. Just get up for a few minutes. Over the course of the day you will add at least 30­60 minutes of movement.

After a week or two of this I promise you will feel better and have more energy. As you feel better, add more small movement moments to your day, maybe even adding some speed into your walking and stair climbing! Just keep it simple and easy.

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