Problematic skin is something that millions of people are forced to deal with on a daily basis, regardless of their age or gender. The most common solution is typically to use some sort of harsh chemical, abrasive cleanser, and even a prescription medication to manage skin issues. Things like acne breakouts, dry spots, oiliness, and aging can all be easily managed and even prevented, but only if you are willing and able to ingest the right vitamins. In fact, there are specific vitamins that are especially effective at preserving the health and longevity of your skin.

In a world that is inundated with options it can sometimes feel as though the right choice is an impossible one to make. The modern market is full of vitamin options; so having some knowledge about the most effective vitamins for your skin is an essential part of staying one step ahead of things. Some unenlightened folk may believe that skin health is unimportant; but being as the skin is the largest and most protective organ on the body, it only stands to reason that it should be well taken care of by means of proper diet and adequate vitamin consumption.

Finding the Highest Quality Vitamins

Because there are so many options available to the modern vitamin seeker, a consumer can sometimes fall into the trap of lackluster product marketing. It is important that you first know what to look for in vitamins for your skin so that you purchase something that is actually beneficial to you. Being proactive about your health from the inside out plays a monumental role in the quality of your life. In fact, having deficiencies of certain vitamins can wreak havoc on your health, your happiness, and your future according to Susan Evans, MD, an expert medical blogger for Dr. Oz. Because of this, it becomes vital that you find vitamins for your skin that have been produced under the strictest manufacturing guidelines.

Before you ever find out what the top 3 vitamins for your skin are you need to first know what to avoid. Never purchase a vitamin that has been produced by a company that you do not fully trust. Avoid buying anything that has a lot of preservatives, additives, or extra chemicals; finding organically derived vitamins is not as difficult as you might think. In addition, try to not go for anything that promises fast results, since the jury is still out about just how beneficial vitamins are to the body in general, and megavitamins could actually do more harm than good according to a recent consumer report. Instead, opt for one of the top 3 listed below:

Top 3 Vitamins for your Skin

You have narrowed your search down to a few good manufactures – ones that have passed all your health-minded inspections. Now you need to know which products from those manufacturers will be most beneficial to the health of your skin. Among the many choices that will be at your disposal, you should try to find one of the following:

  • Vitamin E –This essential vitamin works wonders for tired, stretched, or injured skin. It is quite popular for improving skin health in many cultures around the world; and the reasons why are quite clear. Vitamin E is so effective on protecting and repairing skin damage because it is actually an antioxidant that battles free radicals in the body that cause destruction. This is one of the top 3 vitamins for your skin for one specific reason: direct applications of vitamin E or vitamin E-infused products can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots over time.
  • Vitamin C –Vitamin C is also a highly effective antioxidant that is great for the health of your skin. For the same reasons that vitamin E is great for anti-aging and complexion maintenance, vitamin C also helps battle those unwanted signs that come with living in modern times. This vitamin actually promotes the production of collagen while is what makes skin smooth and supple. Taking a sufficient daily dose of vitamin C is a great idea if you wish to preserve the life of your body’s largest organ.
  • Vitamin A –This vitamin made the top 3 vitamins for your skin list because of its beneficial properties for dry and flaky skin. Those who do not have enough of vitamin A in their bodies will sometime suffer from acne outbreaks; so applying this vitamin to the skin directly can help prevent breakouts. In fact, vitamin A actually helps to rebuild skin tissues, making it wonderful for healing wounds, injuries, and psoriasis as well. Finding a high quality source of this top vitamin for your skin will leave you looking and feeling your very best.
    Living with poor skin is something that can be accomplished, but most people would probably prefer to have a healthy body from the inside out. This is usually possible if at least one of the top 3 vitamins for your skin is used on some sort of a regular basis. All these vitamins can usually be found in liquid, powder, and capsule form for your convenience; and there are even some foods that have been fortified with them as well.
Responsible Use of Vitamins

As always, be sure that you take a close look at the labels of any vitamins you purchase. Some manufacturers might not advertise the fact, but their products are filled with extras that might complicate matters. Being aware of what you are buying when looking for one of the top 3 vitamins for your skin is the first step towards finding something that leaves your skin looking and feeling its best.

If you are still unsure as to whether or not you should be using vitamins to preserve and protect your skin, simply speak with your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible so you can figure out what to do. In some rare cases, allergic reactions to some of these vitamins required a stoppage of use; but these instances can be avoided if the vitamins are used responsibly.

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